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Consistency is the mother of Invention

So I added another little chore to the girls short list. Washing windows and mirrors. Just one window or mirror a day. I have found that it is the small consistencies that have shaped my children's character. Reading books everyday, doing morning chores, helping mommy cook, activity worksheets, walks to the park, reading lessons, bath time, scripture reading, prayer and lullabies. These are the small pieces to our day. They bring my girls comfort and safety in knowing what the schedule is, and when we have off days, there are always those, you can feel it. I find myself more irritable and the girls are more whiny. I struggle with consistency. At least once a week we fall off the bandwagon. Each new week I find myself vowing to do better the following. I know it's important. I see the positive effect it has on my girls. And so the training continues, on Mom and girls.

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Five ways to Squelch Your Anger

So I have been angry as of late. Not sure why, but my impatience and temper have been flaming up. I knew I needed to stop. It was wrong to yell at my girls so much over the teeniest tiniest things. I was looking for answers and went searching in all the wrong places...junk food....YouTube...TV. But really none of them worked. But here is what is working:

1) Quiet Time: putting down the phone, turning off the tv, shutting off Internet, clicking off the crazy loud upbeat music, talking in hushed tones, a mere whisper.

2) Finding a quiet place and praying. Prayer...consistent, constant, heartfelt prayer makes all the difference for peace and a washing wave of calm to drown out the anger.

3) Searching the scriptures for answers. Pondering and Praying for answers in the pages.

4) Dimming the lights, and lighting a candle.

5) Turning off all other distractions and turning on soft music, hymns, classical, lullabies. This needn't be loud, but gentle and soft, so you can carry …

Small Towns are the Best!!

I love living in a small town. I know all my neighbors, I feel safe and we have all these wondeful community events. Some of the cool traditions my town has: community day, tours in the graveyard (your tour guide dresses in period style and it's free!!) movie nights in the park (with free popcorn, rootbeer and candy-as if the free movie wasn't awesome enough!?!) a rocking carnival with death defying fireworks that thrill, and concerts in the park (again FREE!! And so fun!!). I love being part of a community that still holds all it's charm!! This pic is of Elly and I this past Sunday at Concerts in the park. Two live bands,one jazz the other more seventies boogie and a whole lotta people dancing. Good times!!

Be Happy With What You've Got

There is true poverty in this world. The dirty, bone chilling, emaciated kind. There are places where bodies huddle together in fear at night, from fear of safety, for lack of clothes. There are innocent people that wonder when they will eat next. Life threatening poverty. Are we personally aware of this? Are we personally helping in any way??
And then there is "us" from the US. Even our poor have roofs over their heads, food in their bellies, clothes to wear. Our government makes sure of this.
And yet most of us whom aren't living off government assistance-claim our houses aren't big enough, our meals aren't savory enough, our clothes aren't fashionable enough, our vacations aren't exotic enough, our yards not big enough, our houses not new enough, our cars not the latest model, our social lives not exciting enough, our tech gadgets don't do enough. Well ENOUGH!! Disclaimer-yes I have been guilty of these thoughts one time or another. And …



Don't Bee Crazy


To Bee Or not to Bee

I've been waiting on the computer to fix itself so I can email more than one picture on my blog. But I'm anticipating it taking longer than normal. (how long does it take for a computer to FIX ITSELF??? Kidding) Any-who, Danny is devoted to his beehives. His Italian bees. He has gotten stung quite a bit and puffed up like a balloon (man I wish I had taken pictures) But he is learning lots and loves it. He has also wised up and began wearing his netted hat. The hive is behind our backyard in our neighbors yard. It's a joint venture we have going on here. Here is a pic of Danny checking out the hives. He makes frequent trips to the hives to give them sugar water. Mmmm. Love me some sugar water. Il sen more picks your way!!

A Cutie


A forties do

Elly's hair do

Double Date Day!

Here is Kathy Kunsman and myself, showing off our gooey sundaes :-)

Sight and Sounds/Ice Cream/Supper

What a fabulous date Danny and I had this past Saturday. We went with our very good friends and neighbors, Kathy and Alan Kunsmans. Our destination: Lancaster, PA. We stopped by DJ's a fifties restaurant for some sundaes. It's like stepping back in time-or so the Kunsmans say-whom were teenagers in the fifties. It had everything but the juke box-but it played nothing but fifties music, so I suppose we didn't need it. Even the waitresses had the skirts, hairstyles, Bobby socks and smiles. Our next venture was Sight And Sounds-a beautiful theatre that plays only Biblical stories. They are as wonderful as Broadway shows, yet so much better because there is purpose and meaning to it-and you feel the spirit when you are watching it. We watched Jonah-it was amazing. We ended at good n plenty where we ate family style a good old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch meal by the Amish. Mmm. It was a delightful date and I know I should have taken more pictures-sorry!

Girls Night at Dorney

There is nothing better than a girls night at Dorney Park. (The local amusement park-yay for season passes!) I felt like a teenager again whipping on the rollercoasters, throwing my hands up and shouting. And not having a single kiddie to worry about...exhilarating. I love my girlies, but it is nice to have a break every once in a while. Kuddos to my friend Jennie for watching the kiddies while Danny was at scouts. (we swapped babysitting) And kuddos to a hubby who allows me girls nights without the kiddies. It's nice being young. Ive decided I don't want to age any older than this. Can someone tell me how I can accomplish this?? Sorry for the lack of pics and info and pics for the pioneer camp which was so fun. Computer still broken-promise I will fill you in once I save up and decide I want to pay the extra dough to fix it. Have a great date coming up this Saturday. Sight and sounds theatre in Lancaster. Keep you posted!!