Five ways to Squelch Your Anger

So I have been angry as of late. Not sure why, but my impatience and temper have been flaming up. I knew I needed to stop. It was wrong to yell at my girls so much over the teeniest tiniest things. I was looking for answers and went searching in all the wrong places...junk food....YouTube...TV. But really none of them worked. But here is what is working:

1) Quiet Time: putting down the phone, turning off the tv, shutting off Internet, clicking off the crazy loud upbeat music, talking in hushed tones, a mere whisper.

2) Finding a quiet place and praying. Prayer...consistent, constant, heartfelt prayer makes all the difference for peace and a washing wave of calm to drown out the anger.

3) Searching the scriptures for answers. Pondering and Praying for answers in the pages.

4) Dimming the lights, and lighting a candle.

5) Turning off all other distractions and turning on soft music, hymns, classical, lullabies. This needn't be loud, but gentle and soft, so you can carry on a conversation and catch up with your thoughts.

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Small and simple changes that take out the distractions have helped me with my anger. It's the consistency that matters. It's the consistency that is the hardest. But oh the peace and calm that come from it are amazing.


Laura said…
And I thought I was the only one. Thank you for sharing your 'sins' and solutions. I also found the turning off of media to be essential! Examined my supplements to avoid anything 'stimulatory' and concentrate on calming herbs. I'm going to spend some time on your blog the next week, starting at the beginning so I can catch up. :O)
Thanks so much for this honest post, and for the great tips! Thanks for sharing at Thriving Thursday, this was a perfect post for it :)
F.... said…
When I'm feeling short fused, I know I need to slow it down and remind myself it's not all about me. Refocusing on Him puts life back in perspective. Great post.

This is a great post. I've found that I really have to unplug and have times of quiet where I can rest my crazy-busy mind in Him. Thanks for sharing your heart with vulnerability and honestly...really appreciate it.

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