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Blue Ribbon Daddy

We had a fun lil activity last week which involved reading this book.."Blue Ribbon Dad.". Afterwards we created our own blue ribbons for our Daddies. To top it off we made homemade cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I just couldn't wait till it all cooled off, so naturally it isn't a pretty sight. The kids had a good time decorating the cupcakes with sprinkles. It was a good time.

A Fall Birthday Party

The Cooper family just had the best day!!  To save on cash and time we decided to combine the girls birthday parties this year, and to only invite family.  The first day of Fall was very fitting, considering what activities we participated in.  There was of course the usual: Eating, where we enjoyed some chilli cheese dogs, chips, fruit veggies, beer bread..okay seltzer water bread for our family, cupcakes and pumpkin dump cake.  The guys as always played ping pong and lawn darts. And the kids did this:

1) Hayride in our neighbors back yard.  Thank you Kunsmans for allowing us to use your land and wagon!

2) Pumpkin painting/decorating

3) Face Painting

What a superific day and you could not beat the breezy beautiful weather!

Doing what is best for my Family

I used to read blogs every day. I would post as many comments as I could to be supportive and blog five times a week, as well link my post to Facebook. My it was draining, but I had a dream to eventually become a published author of something. And I did shoot for the stars....but when you give your all to one thing, another falls to the back burner.
My girls, just five and almost two were the victims. I found myself spending hours on the computer editing, posting several pictures, linking up to any blog I could find. I would ignore them for soo long till their tiny whiny voices cracked through. And instead of being joyful that they yearned, no needed my time and attention I lashed out

"Just a few more minutes! I'll be done soon! Go play! Out of the room! I'll be out soon!"

But five minutes always inevitably turned to twenty minutes, and in the end we wound up with an unhappy Mommy and girls. Un-necessary tears. My decisions needed to be re-evalua…

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Elly: "Mommy I can't wait until I grow up because then I will know everything."
Elly: She is running around the house, ignoring my demands to get dressed. She is in her birthday suit after her bath, clutching her chest. "Mommy, close the windows, I don't want anyone to see my boobies."

Brinley: "I whan eye pa...peas!"
Translation: I want ice pop..,please!"

It is the cutest thing watching the two of them babble on reading their books as if they know the words in them.

School is in Session!

School is in session!    We started our preschool co op this week and I think it will be tons of fun! In addition to the co op I am homeschooling Elly. In Math we are learning shapes, number recognition, counting and addition. Phonics is number one on the list, as well as letter recognition. We do crafts and add bits of history and science. 

   Oh what a learning curve this is for me, but I have been LEARNING soo much...about my children, myself, teaching techniques, learning styles. I have been angry, nice, stressed, calm, overzealous, controlling, relaxed and eager. It's been a humbling experience, a day by day, minute by minute lesson for ME!!
I personally have learned that I can not and should not control everything-I'm sure this will be an ongoing lesson to be learned. I also have learned that everyone learns differently-patience should be never ending, and getting angry deflects learning. 

   Prayer has become super important in this process, and when I am excited …

A Birthday

My Ellyanna turned five today!! That went fast! For breakfast she got to open two gifts, a soccer ball and book. She picked pop tarts and lucky charms for breakfast. My lucky girl will get a trip to the movies with Nonna today. This morning we took a at the old scrap book and talked about her birth story and gazed at the pictures. Ellyanna was 10 weeks early. I was on bed rest a month and a half when my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. She was 3 pounds 14 ounces when she came out. My tiny girl was in the nicu for five weeks before she came home with us. I remember thinking, will she feel like mine? Will this come natural?? The love came and bit by bit until it was intense. I had No idea what I was doing, but bit by bit it became natural. Elly is spirited, sweet, artistic, a dancer, a singer, social butterfly, affectionate, loving, kind, forgiving, wonderful.
I love my sweet girl and am soo happy to have her in my life.