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Three New Meaningful Christmas Traditions

Christmas has come and gone, but we so enjoyed the season.  We have created some new traditions in its honor.  We still have some favorite traditions we have continued onward such as:

-Read A Christmas Carol every night till it is finished
-Re-enact the Christmas Story on the Eve
-Have a Caroling Party

What we have kicked:

-Santa, he went Bye Bye last year and the girls now know the truth.  we have read the story of Saint Nicholas, so they know he was a Christian man doing good.  Grandparents gave us Santa stickers for the windows and they enjoyed decorating with that, snowflakes and other festive things.  But Elly knows, she has gotten tired of telling all the adults who ask her that Santa is not real.  She just looks at me like, don't these people know??  However that cute three year old with the chubby cheeks does not get the concept yet.  Her cute line of the season:

"Santa isn't real.  He bring me gifts, I love him."

It was pretty darling and with neighbors an…