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Birthday Party and Updates

Elly and Brinley have turned a year older.  Elly is now six and Brinley is now three.  Since their birthdays are only a few weeks apart I enjoy combining them.  They of course wanted a princess party, what else would two girlie girls expect?  My wonderful neighbors allowed us to have the party in their beautiful pavilion.  It was wonderful, simple and not over the top.  We had a tiara craft, pin the crown on the princess, mac n cheese, veggies and dip, opened gifts and had cake.  It was the perfect amount of time.

 My cousin drew and colored the picture of Princess Belle.  I wish I had that kind of artistic talent.  And my friends, the mothers to my girls friends stayed and helped me with the details of crafting, serving food and maintaining messes.  A big thank you for the beautiful pictures by Julie, who as you can see is a master at capturing beautiful moments.  I am so very blessed to have two really beautiful little girls.  They are very sweet, kind, fun loving and entertaining.…