Be Happy With What You've Got

There is true poverty in this world. The dirty, bone chilling, emaciated kind. There are places where bodies huddle together in fear at night, from fear of safety, for lack of clothes. There are innocent people that wonder when they will eat next. Life threatening poverty. Are we personally aware of this? Are we personally helping in any way??
And then there is "us" from the US. Even our poor have roofs over their heads, food in their bellies, clothes to wear. Our government makes sure of this.
And yet most of us whom aren't living off government assistance-claim our houses aren't big enough, our meals aren't savory enough, our clothes aren't fashionable enough, our vacations aren't exotic enough, our yards not big enough, our houses not new enough, our cars not the latest model, our social lives not exciting enough, our tech gadgets don't do enough. Well ENOUGH!! Disclaimer-yes I have been guilty of these thoughts one time or another. And so I'm a sinner preaching here.
We have electricity, washers, dryers, heat, air conditioning, running water, running toilets! Oh how I love these things!
And maybe this is why my new obsession has become the 40's. I could have picked the pilgrims or pioneers era, which is a much harder way of life, but I chose the 40's- where the old adage comes from "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do Without."
I live in a land of abundance, where the amazing gifts of electricity and running water go overlooked. In the Forties World War 2 affected us. Our men went off to war and the women stayed behind and worked. Not only did they pick up the men's jobs, but they gave everything they could to supporting their troops. Anything metal or rubber was donated. Everyone started victory gardens and canned the produce which came from it. If something ripped it was mended. If something broke it was fixed. They sacrificed and did without, their meals were small and sometimes undesirable, but it was food and it gave them nourishment. The women were still as fashionable as could be, pinning their hair up, donning red lipstick and dressing in lovely modest dresses. People relied upon one another, knew and appreciated their neighbors, had simple wants and found joy in the small things. They waited and scrimped and saved for the big things. They had a grasp on what it meant to have gratitude, work hard and give. And I'm trying to be a little more like this. To be aware of what I have, and what others lack. I am trying to be more thrifty and frugal and productive. My goal is to "Use it Up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without."
And I'm striving to be more giving, neighborly and count my blessings. This is why I LOVE the Forties.


Laura said…
Oddly enough, found your blog through Cutest Blog On The Block and really like it! Specifically to this post, I too have a fondness for the attitudes of that generation. We have always tried to be 'frugal' in my family and sometimes I have carried this too far. For me it meant that I did not care as well as I should have about the way I dress. Thank you for the reminder that being wise with our money does not mean we have to look like we dressed from a rag bag. *hanging head in shame* I'll have to dig up an old sheet and make myself a pretty dress now. lol!
Danielle said…
Thank you for stopping by! I'll be mosy-ing on down to you blog today. And you make me laugh. Trust me, this whole let's wear red lipstick, do my hair and try to dress half decent is a relatively new thing for me. But it's been fun. And the best part is I didn't have to buy anything! Well okay confession time, I did buy the lipstick and Bobby pins-I never wore liptstick or did my hair much before this! Lol. Quite the change for me. So there is hope ;-)

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