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Utah: Part One

My head spun and stomache curdled as the plane took a dive to the right, bouncing our seats up and down in a throbbing sort of way.  We were preparing for landing.  The ride hadn't been so bad until the pilot mentioned over the loud speaker that in about twenty minutes we would be in Salt Lake.  It was then that metal contraption we were sitting in began to toss to and fro like a ship at sea. 

Nausea took over me in one sweeping moment.  I had clutched my stomache with one hand, and covered my mouth with the other.  I could feel the sweat begin to bead at my forehead, neck and arm pits.  It seemed I had just the right amount of food in me that could force itself up my throat and into my dry mouth.  And as the plane jarred back and forth, and my insides swelled that is exactly what happened.  For the last ten minutes of the freakishly hot and dizzy landing I held my mouth tightly and anguishly glanced around seeking a brown paper bag, plastic container, anything to releive me of th…

My Anxiety Story Part 4

"This is your new normal."

 My mom said this to me one day.  I had been filled with dread and unease at the prospect of a million thoughts.  I clung to the fear in my heart.  Would I die of a heart attack?  Who would raise my kids? Did I have someincurable disease?  Was I going crazy?Would I ever feel normal again?  I had counseled with her numerous times. Her calming words  relieved tension, anguish and nervous jitters.  But hours later I would find myself worrying once more, feeling the nerves tinge and the fear build.  I would fall back into hysteria and remain fixated in the fact that just weeks; now months ago, I was "normal."  I hadn't experienced anything as strong or overwelming before that first panic attack.

I analyzed and obsessed.  When I caught my body relaxing I found myself acknowledging the fact and wondering if I was cured.  Minutes later I would be in a stupor of waste,  muscles trembling, body aching, throat tightening.  I would play into the s…

An Ode to Pennsylvania

I am back from Utah!  I had a ton of fun with my sisters, scouring the stores, taking walks, exploring the mountians.  But I will write and share pictures later in the week.  This is just a quick let you know I am in fact still alive and well.  And to tell you a bit about my exhiliration about loving where I live.

You see on the way home I was able to stay awake for a bit (despite the dramamine) and watch the scenery below.  I was able to observe the rustic brown mountains blend into dry flat fields, then stretching green patches, and finally rolling hillsides filled with trees, farms and grassy fields.  Sorry Utah friends and family, but I live in the most beautiful part of the world.  I love that flowers bloom sporadically, thunderstorms crash with the wind, the buttery sun peaks through fluff filled clouds and gentle breezes blow in the cool setting sun.

But most of all, I love the GREENERY!!  There is just so much lushness: jade, emerald, lime, evergreen and mossy, leafy,…

Father's Day and traveling

Father's Day is this Sunday, but we celebrated early. We made a yummy dinner, had cinnamon rolls and gave homemade cards.  We celebrated early because....
I am soo excited.....I'm leaving on a jet plane, this Sunday.  My little sis I are heading out to Utah to see our other sister Katie.  I feel like such a lucky duck.  It has been two years since we have seen her in the flesh.  She gave birth to a little baby boy this past December, so I'm very excited to see the cutie.   And guess, what I will  be kid free!  I'll hardly know what to do with myself!  I am giddy with excitment.  The last time I was out in Salt Lake was 8 years ago....serving a mission.  I want to visit my old stomping grounds, like Park City, which is where I lived for ten out of the 18 months I served.  I want to check out Temple Square and well, any other sites that are relatively cheap.  I will be taking lots of pictures and hopefully blogging a bit.  I will try, but don't be upset if I'm not …

The Simply Wonderful Things of Summer

You know Summer is here when the rasberries are bloomed and beginng to ripe.  Really, is there anything better than rasberries fresh off the vine??  I LOVE rasberries.  Thankfully a few years back, we planted some in the back yard.  You know what else I LOVE....the summer.  The simple  and delicious pleasures of this fantastic weather.  Here in PA the weather has been AMAZING!! There is a constant gentle breeze, the humidity has been low, the sun shines and the sweet birds sing their tunes.  I am enjoying it for as long as it lasts.  I have To Do List for my Summer Plans, and they consist of this:

-Picking and Eating Rasberries off The Vine
-Strawberry Picking
-Blueberry Picking
-Star Gazing
-Dorney Park Trips
-Free Movie Days @ the Promenade
-Bouncing on the Trampoline with my Girls
-Days in The Park
-Rail Trails
-Have another successful Summer Camp Co-op
-Swimming at my Parents house
-Day Trips to New Hope, Peddler's Village,Jim Thorpe etc.

12 Traditions to Start with Your Family

I am all about creating a little fun in the ordinary, making magic in the mudane.  What better way than to find and enjoy the tiny celebrations in life. 
This doesn't mean that you need a ton of time and money, just a couple ideas that can make your home and family a litte cozier and complete. 
Here are some things I'd like to share with you guys.  I have actively done some of these, others, while others  I plan on implementing within the year.
1) New Years:

I'm still mulling over what I'd like to do for this coming New Years...after all, I've got time.  But here is what I am thinking..

- Chinese New Year: create lanterns, hand out little red envelopes filled with money and candy and eat some yummy Chinese food.

- Pennsylvania Dutch: Pork and Kraut Dinner for Good Luck

Some blogs with fun suggestions and ideas

2) …

Dorney Park: Dinosaurs Alive!!

We are such LUCKY DUCKS!!  Yes, we may not go on too many exotic vacations...unless camping is considered exotic.  But...we do lots of local things that are soo fun, like enjoying shows at the Zoellner Center, FREE movie days, and getting Season Passes at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. 
Saturday, that's where we Dorney, checking out the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit.

We hang with my dear friend Janelle and her little boy at Dorney, were cool like that.  It was fun peruzzing the trails, checking out the ginormous dinosuars wag their tails, move thier claws and roar with ferociousness .  Ellyanna (yes the four and a half year old) was the scared one.  She clung to my pant legs for the first ten minutes as we approached the largest dinos.  Eventually she figured out that indeed they were not real, despite their sheer size.

We can only stay as long as the kids let us, which is about 3 hours.  So after a couple of consecutive carousel rides, a walk in the Dino-land and some lun…