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A Nifty Fifty Family Date

So alright the family date really turned into a Mommy Daughter date, because we are visiting the Cooper grandparents this week and we watched our friends kids last night.  So what was I to do-skip the family date?  I think not, and since Danny pretty much experienced the 50's in his Micro Date, I figured he would be okay with this.  So wanna have a 50's date with your kids?  Okay lets get started then.

1) Play Hopscotch-okay I'm not really sure if this was a 50's thing-but it's fun so I figured we should play it.  For Inside Hopscotch use some masking tape, electrical tape, or what ever colorful tape you have on hand.  Obviously you can do this outside with chalk, like I had to mention this. ;-)

A Fifties Do Wop Micro Date- Say that 10x fast

So I thought it would be fun to throw a fifties party-no wait, I mean date, well same thing practically!  Right?!?  And since I was staying within a theme I had to make dinner too!  Wanna have yourself a 50's date?  Here's how.

1) Make a "Diner" Dinner: We had bacon cheeseburgers with regular and sweet potato fries, aspargus-yes I know not very diner-ish, and mystery soup.

  2) Once the kiddies are off to bed, begin the date with a lil game.  We played clothespin in the bottle-okay mason jar, which is very tricky might I add. 

2) 50's has a bunch of great sweets, like candy buttons.  So we wrote love messages-not so origional love messages might I add- out of candy.

3)  A maze, a very hard maze in my opinion, I'm no good at these things

4) Banana Split Yogurts-a little less calories since dinner was over the top

Hope Your having Great date nights!  Please Share!!

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An Ode To Grandma Cooper

Where does on go when they are craving cake and ice-cream?Who do you visit when you want to be artsy and whip up some crafts?What help can you seek for painting finger nails and weaving french braids?
For Elly, that someone is Grandma Cooper.Trips to the movies, outings to the store for a fancy little girl's dress, visits to McDonalds are all anticipated when Elly spends a weekend at Grandma Coopers.When they are not out and about receiving little girl manicures and munching on chicken nuggets they are home at Grandma Cooper’s possibly flying high on the front porch swing, playing Barbie Dolls, making crafts or feeding the chickens-yes the Cooper Grandparents have chickens. Tearing sheets off the water bed and jumping on it is simply common place.Watching Wonder Pets and singing at the top of your lungs with Grandma is expected.Helping with baking, washing dishes and let's not forget bath time are highlights on their busy agenda.A new Barbie doll for Elly always greets her upon…

Kids say the Darndest things

Some cutesty lines for you today, brought to you by Ellyanna:
Quote 1
“The boy got a gift.”Ellyanna read out loud.
“Very good.”I chimed, proud of my little girl who can read small sentences.That is, the sentences and words we review every night after bath time.She beamed with pride and then her little forehead proceeded to scrunch up as she pointed at the flash card.
“Why is there a polka dot there?”Baffled I glimpsed at the card in my hand.Polka dot?What polka dot?Oh…she meant the period.
“Well that is called a period, and this goes at the end of every sentence.”Her brows furrowed and she said.
“But why is there a polka dot there?”Maybe this explanation was a bit advanced for a four year old.
Any ideas on how to explain this?Think it over and share with me.

Quote 2
“What you gonna do with all that junk?All that junk in your trunk?”Elly belted out the words as she bopped her head and shook her hips in an awkward, innocent way.
I promise I didn’t teach her this song.Danny likes to quote the movi…

A Little Red Riding Hood Family Date

We had a Micro Family Date last night-Red Riding Hood Style.  How does one have a Red Riding Hood Date?  I shall tell you.

1) Place a blanket on the floor like your having a picnic and proceed to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Use funny voices for each character and explain things to your child.  Elly asked me "Oh the wolf talks??"  I explained that yes in this story he does indeed.

2)  Little Red Riding Hood did not stay on the path.  So we had a little game, a  Stay on the Path Activity, aka walk on the stick without falling.
3) Picking Flowers and Finding them-I printed up pictures of flower and taped them up, and hid them in the girls bedroom.

4) Coloring and Questions.  We found our flowers, then it was time to color them.  It was also time to review the story and ask "what if" questions.  Questions like "What if Little Red Riding Hood didn't pick flowers and stayed on the path?  How can we listen to Mommy and Daddy?" 
5) Little Red R…

Two Dates,Two Nights in a Row =Delicious

Hey There!  Well, we missed a Micro date last week, but  we made up for it with TWO dates this week- both involving food.  With all this crazy planning and preparing for eclectic dates I was feeling a bit burnt out-so we did something easy this week.  Simply put, we held off on supper till after the kids went to sleep and Danny arrived from school. 
Yes I whipped up a delectable and healthy meal for two.  A concoction I created (Cut up chicken, garlic, a table spoon of dry salsa mix,  cannelini beans, diced tomatoes, asparagus, chopped peppers and mushrooms)  I don't mean to brag or anything but it was delicious!!  The perfect relaxing setting to chat away and catch up.  It just goes to show that you don't need extravagant themes and games to make a date special.  Simple can be refreshing and enjoyable too. 

Our second date was to the Olive Garden, where we inhaled mussels, stuffed mushrooms, soup, salad, chicken, broccoli and asparagus.

  A trip to Barnes and Noble without …

A New Chore In Order

Here’s the truth.I’m dirty.As in my house is always dirty; in result of me never cleaning it.You may walk into my home in the morning and find dishes filling the sink, a kitchen table covered in remnants of last night’s supper and the floor in good need of a sweep and wash.Gross right?I know I think this very thing when the sun peaks through the clouds and I trudge downstairs to witness the mountainous slop of work.The dishwasher (me) was not on duty, when she most certainly should have been. I know it’s important to have an organized and clean home- in fact I enjoy being in shining orderly houses.They smell good, the floors are spotless, the counter tops glitter, everything is in its place.Oh it such a refreshing and comfortable thing.I mean you can’t help but be at ease when sitting in someone’s bright, immaculate home, all the stress just melts away.Oh how I long for this, a relaxed, organized, glimmering home, complete with lemony aroma.
But…first I must overcome my laziness.You se…

Kids say the Darndest things

Typically the phrases and conversations Elly has with her friends and adults melt your heart.
"I like princesses and strawberry short cake!"  She told a little boy in the park the other day.  And there other times that you like to pretend she never said. "I don't like you anymore!  Your a bad mom!"  And then there are the sort of embarressing yet entertaining and innocent stories like this one that happened yesterday:

"That girls immodest mommy". Elly pointed at the lady in front of us walking her dogs. She was in her workout garb, black long spandex shorts and a teal tank top. Elly was referring to the womans' shoulders showing.
"Mommy that girls' immodest.". She repeated, this time the words rang through the air even louder.
"uh huh.". I said as quietly as I could. I taught my daughter about modesty at a young age and am ever so grateful she listens to me, but now I was a bit embarressed. After all it was a warm s…