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Growing Up

Elly has really become quite an individual. I love that about her. As much of a girlie girl as she is there are some things that are the opposite.

For example, Elly can catch flies. Not in mid air...yet. But she can when they are planted on the window or chilling on the ground. She has caught three in two days! That may not seem like a skill to others, but really, that's cool.

Elly digs around in the mud with the best of them, creating castles, pies, homes for bugs, and making her own compost tea.

She waters her very own garden, which she has maintained and planted under Daddy's supervision.

She catches worms, beetles, fireflies at night and other interesting bugs and puts them in grass filled jars to observe.

She has inspected the birds and knows the names and what Robins, Cardinals and Gray Catbirds look like. They hang out in our backyard..a lot!

She lives outside during this season of summer, running around, swinging, doing flips on the rings, jumping on the tra…