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Love Story 5

"Just go to the dance Danielle. You might have fun."

My Mom was urging me to get out the house. I wasn't doing much these days, besides working, worrying and talking on the phone.

"Ugh, no Mom. I am engaged. I don't need to go to Singles events. I'm not single."

I was feeling a little more secure and relaxed that weekend with being engaged. And I didn't want to do anything to ruin it.

April had arrived and the damp rainy season had settled the wind. My church was putting on a Luau, complete with polynesian foods, decor and dancing. The normal "Danielle" would look forward to such an event, but not this new one.

I rolled my eyes to the many requests to attend.

"Just go to have fun, not to meet anyone."

My Mom's persistence paid off, even if just to get her off my back. I gave in and decided to attend this shindig. After all what was one night of misery? I'd gotten quite used to the feeling anyway.

And so I d…