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Five Steps to Longevity or how to live to 100

I have been eagerly researching small towns and villages whom are well known for their longevity, specifically a high percentage of centurions.
It all began with some research into a little town not far from where I live, called Roseto. It is an old Italian American village steeped with old traditions, generational families, family businesses and old churches. Though I've never visited, but plan to, I am told it is like walking into a 1950's town. The amazing thing about this quaint village is that until recently it had an extremely low percentage rate for heart disease, despite all the fattening foods being cooked up.
Another article I read up on was a man from Greece whom moved to the US. At 66, he developed lung cancer and was told he would have 6 months left to live. So him and his wife left the US and moved back home making funeral arrangements along the way. At first he took it easy, but eventually I'm sure with different diet, a quieter pace of life and old …

Five ways you can save money

When budgets shrink there is cause to be a bit more creative. And with taxes going up for middle class and beyond, it'a time to get busy with some frugality tips. I have asked a many people for ideas and would like to share. :-)
As you know, I have a fascination with the 40's and 50's. And toning down my spending has only helped me to relate and want to dig a bit more into these decades. They were certainly more resourceful and frugal than we are today. All suggestions are things I do. And with no further ado:

Five ways to Save:

1) Make your Milk last longer. When your gallon is half full, supplement with powdered milk. In a seperate bowl mix together water and powdered milk. For every one cup of water add 1/3 cup of powdered milk. Add into jug of milk, close, shake and put in fridge I supplement with about five cups of powdered milk.

2) Hang half your laundry.

3) Turn off your water heater during the day and while you sleep. I have a friend who does this and sa…