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 Well I can not believe it has been 10 months since I last posted; but life gets busy and before you know it, winter, spring and summer has gone and we are in a crisp fresh, fall.  In winter we had a baby and tapped our maple tree and made maple syrup.  In the spring, my sister and her family moved from Utah, back to Pennsylvania and is living in the same town as me (dream come true.) The summer was a the girls dance recital, trip to Lancaster and vacation to Myrtle Beach with Cooper Family (where we all got the flu, but still had a blast) and now we are entering the fall where school and activities began. I am soo happy October has arrived.  If you know me at all, then you know it is my VERY FAVORITE month!  It is so beautiful outside.

Last time I checked in here I was about 8 weeks from having a baby.  Hayzel was born in February.  She will be 8 months old soon!  She is by far my easiest baby, all smiles, social and cool as a cucumber.  I'm grateful for this calm and quiet litt…