Girls Night at Dorney

There is nothing better than a girls night at Dorney Park. (The local amusement park-yay for season passes!) I felt like a teenager again whipping on the rollercoasters, throwing my hands up and shouting. And not having a single kiddie to worry about...exhilarating. I love my girlies, but it is nice to have a break every once in a while. Kuddos to my friend Jennie for watching the kiddies while Danny was at scouts. (we swapped babysitting) And kuddos to a hubby who allows me girls nights without the kiddies. It's nice being young. Ive decided I don't want to age any older than this. Can someone tell me how I can accomplish this?? Sorry for the lack of pics and info and pics for the pioneer camp which was so fun. Computer still broken-promise I will fill you in once I save up and decide I want to pay the extra dough to fix it. Have a great date coming up this Saturday. Sight and sounds theatre in Lancaster. Keep you posted!!


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