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She is potty trained!!

See this cute little girl with lipstick all over her face? Well she has managed to potty train herself! She has!! Of course there are some accidents, but cut her some slack she just turned two. Oh my goodness she is a sweetie pie. This smile here is a frequent one. I call it "putting on her charm." Because it is impossible to not fall in love with the girl who holds that smile.

Fall Festivities

These are the wonderful days of fall. The beauty of fiery crimson, gold and orange leaves blowing on the trees. We have been so blessed to experience this lovely weather and the activities associated with the season. This is what we have gotten to check off the list.
-Moonlit hayride
-Dorney Park Fall Festivities
-Carving a Jack O Lantern
-Bonfires (a few)
-Roasting Marshmallows
-Toasted and Eaten Pumpkin Seeds
-Making Applesauce
-Raking Leaves and Jumping in Them
-A Walk in Town to enjoy the leaves
-Read tons of Seasonal books with the girls
-Peddlers Village to check out their scarecrows on display.

Soon to come: trunk or treat at church and trick or treating in town. The girls will all be dressed up in Princessy attire.

Gettysburg and Camping

A chilled breeze, a grey sky, crisp yellow leaves dangling from the branches of oak trees, a camping spot.  This is place for us to set up tents and pull out the dutch ovens.  Tents rise from the ground, food is prepared and topped with hot coals, the weather becomes frosty. And darkness covers the grey, twinkling stars from above, a crescent moon, wanes high in the air.  The smell of  sausage and cheese and warm pumpkin pie waft into our noses.  We pray and devour the best sausage lasagna with yellow tomatoe sauce we have ever ingested.  This is bits of heaven, good food, lovely friends, a cool dark sky, family.  Hot cocoa is poured into styrofoam cups, conversation fills the site, there is laughter, singing, smiling.

A cool grey morning greets us the next day.  We form pancakes with blueberries over a grill and drown them in maple syrup.  Elly and Elizabeth are singing and dancing, Brinley joins in.  The boys just watch and giggle.  We climb the hill and walk through the coloring l…

Kids Say The Darndest Things

And this is what happens when you don't pay attention for five minutes or less. Brinley got into my liquid eye liner and painted her nails and face.

Brinleys Lines:
Ugh Hungee
Translation: I'm hungry
Ugh won coookie
Translation: I want a cookie

More to come :-)

Having a Little Gratitude

Sometimes, many times, I have to take a step back and ponder what it is that makes this life beautiful, sacred, special.  I get frazzled and strangled by the many things on my to do list, my overpowering expectations and desires, kids whining, crying.   Anxiety builds, anger festers, blow ups occurr, until I STOP.  I stop and breathe...clear my mind.  This is not what it's all about is it? 

 There is no need to have this much PRESSURE.  Why am I sad, frustrated, scared, angry, alone?  STOP, BREATHE.  Hide in a closet and TALK with God.  THANK him for the minuete things, and then build into bigger parts of your life.  You can feel his peace, you will know his love.  I make a list, an endless, eternal thank you card to Heavenly Father.  This is moments of peace, solitude, calm.  And this is just the BEGINNING of my list.  This is turning a new leaf, a work in progress I will always be, but these small steps, STOP, BREATHE, PRAYER, WRITING my THANK YOUS to God, can help, will help on …

Homeschooling is a Grueling and Rewarding Adventure

Life has been busy here with our new school schedule, I think I need to take a moment to breathe. Please someone tell me, as a homeschooling Mom do you ever feel like there is a endless amount of facts and lessons to be mastered and memorized?  Does your agenda and curriculum to cover in a year feel overwelming?  Maybe it is because it's my first year, and that I still don't quite know what I am doing- or how it's possible I am even doing this, but I seem to feel stretched and withered often. I am overwelmed, I feel the heavy burden of responsibility for my kids educations.  There are moments in time when I feel like I am drowning in a sea of my own expectations, worried if I have the gusto to teach my girls. 

Thankfully I am finally beginning to see some light.  My daughter, oh my daughter, she is sweet and smiley, helpful and sensitive.  At any time you may catch her twirling about rooms, singing at the top of her lungs and making adorable expressions with each new wo…