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Homeschool Update and the Curriculum we Use

This kindergarten year is going great! We are ahead in math, right on par with reading and writing, excelling above average in history science and geography.  And to think I almost gave up the fight before even trying.  Instead I ignored the fears, bought curriculum and joined a co op with fifteen other families.  And I am happy and content. 

I love homeschooling.  I love that I can teach my kids for fifteen minutes and then when they get ancy, sidetracked or bored I set the timer for twenty minutes and they go play.  I love that if Elly needs help with her reading or math she has my one on one attention.  I love that she recognizes all seven continents, all four oceans, a few countries in Europe and the English channel.  Yeah, that is so much more than I knew or remembered like a year ago.

I love how much I am learning!  I am really learning a lot about the world.  It is amazing what you forget.  I actually wonder if I ever learned some of these things in school, because honestly I…

A Comeback to Minimalism: Or Five Ways To Begin the Journey

If you recall, about a year ago...or two, I was ever so zealous of becoming a Minimalist.  I was on a de cluttering rampage, and was convinced I would be living the star Minimalist lifestyle I desired by my six month mark.  Well, that didn't happen. I mean I DID get rid of a lot of "stuff" I never used, and it felt good.  The house was better than it had been in a long time.  And I have maintained that.  Danny is not exactly on board, and I think I got a little distracted with life.

Then, guess what I decided to homeschool, and went to a homeschoolers convention this past May and bought a TON of fun books to read with the girls and classics and curriculum.  I was a bit over zealous.  I get that way.  I do not regret getting any (okay well maybe a few) of those books, but suddenly the house felt a bit more cramped.  And then birthdays come and go, and toys take center stage.  In June I became pregnant and was incapable of taking care of anything including myself.  Come mid…

Inequality for ALL

Danny is taking a Sociology Class right now.  He gets to write all these fun papers.  I usually, strongly dislike editing and helping with his papers, but sociology topics are way fun, I think.  So I thought I might share his paper with you.  We are on the same page in our views.  Enjoy and comment, sociology topics are always, a bit controversial.

Inequality for all
It is true that none of us are born into the same circumstances.Everyone comes into different financial, relational, spiritual, physical and intellectual means.In this sense, none of us are equal.We are all individually unique.Some of us are born with high IQ’s, athletic abilities, organizational talents, sociable skills, drive and perseverance.Others may lack in these strengths and may struggle with them.Two types of people can even come from the same family.Take my brother and I for example, my brother Kevin seems to be a natural at everything, but he especially excels in math, writing and reading.Kevin could read a boo…

Love Story Part 9

The doorbell rang and I quickly touched up my make up.  He was here.  My heart raced as I heard my mom answer the door.  There was muffled small talk before I climbed up the basement stairs to the first level.  My cheeks flushed just thinking of the last time I had seen him the week before.  He had driven two hours to take me out on a date.  Two hours worth of gas, two hours of time, and another two hour drive on the way back home.  Since then we had talked on the phone every night and the more we chatted, the more attracted I was. 

"Danielle! Danny is here!" 

 My mom shouted as I neared the top of the steps. Yes I still lived at home.  I had just come home from serving an 18 month mission for my church two months prior.  I recently started a full time job at a local sewing factory (One of the last ones in Pennsylvania I suspected, since everything seems to be outsourced out of the US these days.)

I rounded the bend and saw him sitting in the living room with my mom, carrying…