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Love Story 7

That was how the whole night remained. The two of us dancing side by side. Having fun, being goofballs.

I loved how at ease he put me. All anxiety, fear and tightened muscles had released itself from me. I was free. Free to have fun and be me again. Free to act silly and do dance moves like, "the shopping cart.", "the sprinkler" and so on.

And we never left each other's side. Each slow dance was mine with this delicious young man. I felt happy, lucky and completely smitten.

I'm not quite sure why I seemed surprised when Danny asked for my phone number at the end of the night, but I was. He wanted to take me out sometime.

"But we live so far away." I replied.

It was only a two hours drive, but I was trying to figure out how "dating" someone long distance would work. Still, I was extremely attracted to him, and felt completely myself around him. And so I shared my phone number.

He left leaving a kiss on my cheek and I melte…

Love Story 6

The dance was in full swing. We were learning the art of luau by an instructor. The hall was decked out as a polynesian paradise.

Shortly after a lesson of hip swaying and hand waving, a steady beat filled the air. People began to fill the floor and a circle had formed. I was suddenly releived, elated even, music does that to me.

I happen to have-or should I say had-a knack for dancing. And I can be kind of a ham. So without further ado, I seized the opportunity and jumped in the circle.

I did as many hip hop, jazzy moves as I could before I ran out of them and settled back into the circle. In the background I heard a guys voice say

"No one is going to top her tonight."

I turned to see whos voice it was. The blonde haired boy with the striped shirt had said it. And I smiled to myself.

I steadily moved away from the crowd.


It was him, I stopped to allow him to catch up. He smiled back at me.

"No one is going to top you tonight. Your quit…