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My New Blog-Don't worry, this one is staying

Good Morning!  Guess what......I have another blog....gasp!  Well truthfully I have two more blogs, but never mind that, because today I am introducing my Inspirational one.  Now don't get sad or anything, I will continue to blog on here.  After all, this is pretty much my family journal.  Anyways, I was looking to expand my writing aspirations, and came up with a plan.  Here it is:
This blog has Inspirational/Christian posts, that myself and those in my writing group have written.  We are so excited to tell stories from the heart.  And I would REALLY LOVE if you would check it out.  Right now we post about once or twice a week.  So please check it out!!  Have a fantastic day!

A Cooper Reunion

I suppose we don't need a real Cooper reunion.  We average about once a month seeing one another.  We just wish the Campbells could join us more often-Danny's sister and brother in law.  Anywho, Memorial weekend was the perfect time to have a lil get together, which is exactly what we did. 
So I guess I like to number things so you know exactly what we did, so here goes:

1) Everyone had fun playing on the swings sets, checking out Danny's pretty garden, and chowing down on pulled pork sandwhiches.  We also ate fresh salad from the garden, chips, sausage stew and soda. 

2) After lunch a trip to Lost River Caverns was in order.  It was fun going down into the cool deep cave, especially on such a hot day!

3) Like we need another reason to eat-off the to Rita's Italian Ice we went!  Followed by a trip home to laze around for a bit and chat. 

4) Eating time Again!  It was yummy- pot roast with carrots, mashed potatoes and again more fresh salad!

5) The First Annual Cooper Tale…

I am a Blankie

She drags the lilac quilt behind her.  It goes where ever she does, through grass, dirt, and cool wooden floors.  I watch her stop and put the purple material to her nose.  Brinely breathes in it's aroma and closes her eyes.  She has a great love her for blankie...or is it addiction?  She can not sleep without it, and she insists on taking it everywhere.  It is adorable to watch.
I can't help but feel like that blanket sometimes.  As as mom, there are days, minutes, hours when I feel, drug through the dirt, trampled on, ripped at the seams, worn, and without a break.  Sometimes I wish for a long relaxing, uniterrupted nap, or a few minutes to finish cleaning the kitchen or sort the laundry.  But then sometimes there is nothing better than feeling like a blankie, cuddled and kissed, adored and loved, small conversations filled with giggles and smiles, having a pair of tiny hands in yours, hearing the lovely words "I love you Mommy."  Yes there is nothing better than …

Philly on A Budget

We had a super Saturday in Philadelphia.  We spent exactly $104.00 including tolls, food and parking- but not including gas.  Anyways for our lil family of four that is a steal of a deal.  Wanna know what fun we had-here you are!

1) Checked out Independance Hall and other historical sites such as Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin's printing press.  All FREE!!  I love free tours!

2) Had Cheesteaks from one of those sidewalk stands. Ate on some pretty benches in the historical sections.

3) Went to Smith Park-the kids loved it!  It's free, with awesome playgrounds, a covered bridge slide with burlap sacks you sit on.  Also there is a mansion there filled with toys.  The basment is a little car track for the kiddies- they had a blast!!

4) Went to Reading Terminal Market.  This was fun.  It's like a giant inside farmers market, with all sorts of vendors.  It was fun, very much like the Quakertown Market and Allentown Farmers Market.  Ate some yummy pulled pork sandwhiches and ice cream…

Kids Say The Darndest Things

We were watching an excerpt on the making of the Jim Henson film, "The Labyrnth".  Elly was snuggled up beside me, sipping on lemondae and munching popcorn.  One of the pupeteers, Luto-or Pluto (I'm still not sure) is a huge muppet of a puppet.  We watched a man stand inside of 'Luto"aka a huge, furry, stuffy puppet suit and act out his parts in the movie.   We witnessed the man climb out of the of the heat induced "Luto" contraption huffing and puffing.  He wiped off the beads of sweat and said
"Piece of cake" 
Afterwards he dramatically fell to the floor, pretending he had passed out.  Elly looked back at me, her brows quizzically furrowed.
"Why does he want a piece of cake mom?"
I laughed and she again looked at me with curiousity.
"Why you laughing?" 
Because it's cute when kids take everything literally, that's why. 
Minutes later I heard her repeating the phrase....piece of cake.

Mother's Day

My Mother taught me well.  Her example was one of compassion, hospitality, and being a great neighbor.  Seriously, my parents are good neighbors.  They have been a wonderful example of how you should treat the people next door and across the street-and so it is because of them and for my mom that I try to be more kind and caring.

In the spirit of neighborliness and honoring moms, let me share with you a tradition we have for Mother's Day.  Side note: Yes I am about to toot my own horn-I know so annoying right?  However please keep in mind that this is also a form of journaling for me. I mean it-I turn this baby into a book and bad bing, bada bang-scrapbooking, picture taking, journaling, complete.  My version of family history recorded-check!

Okay so here goes.  Every day before Mothers Day-that would be a Saturday, the girls and I get busy shopping.  We don't spend tons of money-no-not in the budget, however I do buy a big honking bouquet of flowers, and this year in addition t…

An Italian Night

I would love to travel the world-but the money in the bank is unable to make that happen, so as you know, we like to travel in the comfort of our own home.  We had the best Friday evening.  A little vacation you might say-yes a Night In Italy. 
We invited some friends on this journey, and turned the whole ordeal into an al fresco potluck.  Before we prayed and ate we had to find Italy on the globe and say "I'm hungry" in Italian.  It's "Ho Fame" (Oh-Faw-mey) in case you were wondering. Everyone brought an italian dish and we feasted on salad, minestrone soup, itlaian bread, artichike dip, chicken parmigiana, fettucine alfredo, and eclairs for dessert (yes, french, but they were out of cannolis) 

All the while, italian opera was playing in the background.  And when supper was complete, we talked about the beautiful vineyards and grapes growing in the mountatins of Italy.  We viewed pictures and talked about the old traditions of grape stomping.  And then gue…

Night Time Book

So I found this great little idea on the blog "Under the Golden Apple Tree."  It's a Night Time Book.  I loved the idea and immediately went to work conjuring one up.  We review with this book every night before bed-it is now part of our routine. 

You may put whatever you wish in here, but this is what we have:
Name, phone numbers, address, birthday.
Days of The Week
Months of The Year
Words we are going over
Sentences we are going over
Letters of the Alphabet

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Scene 1

"Mom, Epella is a bear"
"Epella is the bear?"  I ask, pointing to the speckled pink and orange stuffed animal perching on one of the kiddie chair.
"Uhuh, Epella, Fella."

Scene 2

We read the story of Jonah that morning.  We talked about Jonah's fears and how wicked the people of Ninevah were. Elly listened intently as Jonah fled to the sea, in hopes of hiding from the Lord.  But none of us can hide from God-we may run, but we will do so in vain.  Later that day we were at the park.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping.  And Elly said:
"God love us"
"Yes this is true and he loves you very much."
She shook her head and continued "He misses us-cuz when I'm at grandma's house, him miss me."
I then,  proceeded to remind her of the story of Jonah.