Sight and Sounds/Ice Cream/Supper

What a fabulous date Danny and I had this past Saturday. We went with our very good friends and neighbors, Kathy and Alan Kunsmans. Our destination: Lancaster, PA. We stopped by DJ's a fifties restaurant for some sundaes. It's like stepping back in time-or so the Kunsmans say-whom were teenagers in the fifties. It had everything but the juke box-but it played nothing but fifties music, so I suppose we didn't need it. Even the waitresses had the skirts, hairstyles, Bobby socks and smiles. Our next venture was Sight And Sounds-a beautiful theatre that plays only Biblical stories. They are as wonderful as Broadway shows, yet so much better because there is purpose and meaning to it-and you feel the spirit when you are watching it. We watched Jonah-it was amazing. We ended at good n plenty where we ate family style a good old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch meal by the Amish. Mmm. It was a delightful date and I know I should have taken more pictures-sorry!


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