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A Journey to Homesteading...we hope.

There are a couple life's goals and dreams Danny has.  I think he wished we had a farm.  But alas we do not-so we make do and are attempting to create a homestead.  Oh dear, have we a long way to go, and with only a quarter of an acre, we can only do so much.  This is what we already have:

-Peach Tree
-Pear Tree
-Apple Tree
-Raised Bed/Organic Garden

This is what Danny wants to still get:

-Blueberry bushes
-Strawberrry Patch

Our neighbors next door own a little over three acres, and have an orchard, as well as a huge garden and tons of rasberries.  They are practically family and are dear friends.  And together on our nieghbors property they atre experimenting with this:

That would be honey bees...mmmm, hope this pans out well and we get lots of honey ;-)
What are you doing to homestead??

Dating is Delightful

You are probably wondering "where have all the Micro dates gone??"  I know your probably itching for some ideas.  Well the truth is, for the past two weeks I haven't done a single Micro date.  Why?  Because for the past two weeks Danny and I have gone on two real live dates-aka-out of the home with babysitters lined up.  It was wonderful, I have to admit.  It was time for a change of pace-if I had to do a Micro date every week, well I'd be fried and served on a platter-or something like that.  Micro dates are fun, but there is a great need to get out of the house-before 9pm-and enjoy some fresh air.  So this is what we did:
Date 1
Checked out the Arts Quest Center at Bethlehem Steel Stacks:

Date 2
Went to Thai Thai-a Thai restauant-duh.  Yummy food!

 Also bought some new running sneakers and bought some ice cream.

Sorry not many pictures-too busy enjoying ourselves...hope you are able to get our of the house and enjoy yourselves a good ole fahioned date.  ;-)


Letter U

Preschool Today-The Letter U was the focus

Some games

The kids are bored of counting so I try to find unique ways to count.  Today it was throwing beans in an umbrella and counting them out loud.

The Letter U horse shoes-with cardboard rather than the real deal-saves on getting hurt.


Throw some Shaving Cream and food coloring in a bag.  Mix it together and have the kiddies create letters, numbers, shapes.  Obviously today we focused on the letter U.

Matching Up Letters

Finding the Letter U

Making A rainstorm with our hands.  Wind: Sliding your hands back and forth against one another.
Light Rain: Tapping two fingers against your other palm.  Harder Rain: Slapping Your hands against your legs.  A Storm:  Slapping Your Hands against your thighs, while stomping your feet.


I just google Letter U images for tracing and coloring.  It's wonderful the amount of free resources there are.


Obvioulsy an umbrella craft would have been perfect to do-but I was too…

The Letter O - The Highlights

For Preschool today we focused on the letter O

We played a neat matching game I got from this blog

<a href="" ><img alt="coahbutton

And of course we counted cherrios

We made octopuses that I will admit-look more like jelly fish

Played a game similar to red rover and freeze tag- where the girls took turns being the fishies and the Octopus
Happy Learning!! Linking UP with
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Simple Pleasures

My posts may not be as long or informative these days.  I feel my heart stretching and yearning for the simpler things in life.  The sweet tunes trickling out of a blue bird, the golden sun gracing us with it's warmth and light, the tiny giggles that rumble out of my darling little girls mouths.  Simple pleasures is what I am seeking, not some grand display of the quirky dates I give, or preschool ideas complete with a zillion pictures, nor a full exclamation of every family date we have.  Just the silver lining of all, highlights of the best things in life, and more time to focus on the already fleeting time I have with my ever changing family.  Hope this is okay with you.
The Highlights of past weeks
-Peering up at the blue sky with Elly and her taking noticing of the nature about her: "Mommy, Look at The Tree, it's like going up to heaven"

-Having a family date completetly focused on the value of a Virtuous Princess.  I melted watching my little girl earn her pri…

Red Footprints

Brinley took off at the speed of light.  She always does this after a bath.   I wipe her down with a towel and the moment I let go she runs as fast as those pudgy little legs will let her.  She  loves being free of her diaper,  so this night I thought I would give her this opportunity.  She raced throughout the rooms, her chunky lil bum jiggling as she bobbed.  Oh it is heavenly to watch her waddle and march, run and skip.Elly and I began reading and going over words when suddenly a chubby hand slapped at my shoulder.  This is how Brinley catches our attention.
"Dah!" Brinley yelled, pointing towards the hallway.
"What is it Brinley?" I perked up, staring beyond my creamy skinned child.
"Dah!". She shouted, hitting my shoulder once more, then taking a few steps in the direction she had pointed; sticking her finger out again.
I stood up following Brinley who promptly marched into the living room.  She stopped just before we approached the area rug.  If your…

Some Words and A Date Based Upon Trust

"Trust Opens Up New and Unimaginable Possibilities" Robert C Solomon
Disclaimer:  I am no expert on such a subject.  I'm continually striving to trust in the Lord and my spouse.  Also there are serious subjects I mention that I do not have personal experience in.  I have only observed and discussed these topics with people who were successful in rebuilding trust and failed in doing so resulting in divorce. A Great Marriage is built upon trust, right?  Sometimes it's hard to develop trust in someone else, even our spouses.  Maybe we have been let down by them before.  Is it small simple annoyances? They forgot to take the trash out, they are late for dinner, they only contribute to messes and never help clean?  In these cases we must remember is no one is perfect, not even ourselves.   We all make mistakes, overlook needs of our loved ones and fail to contribute where we are needed.
 It's crazy because I find we can be much kinder to acquaintances.  But when it comes…

Jerusalem Dinner

I set the table in a huff.Brinley was put in her crib temporarily due to her sneaky tornado-like ways-as in climbing the table we were about to eat on and messing the fancy midnight table cloth up.Quickly I threw back on the table cloth over the girls mini play table.Where was my phone?I had come up with this lovely idea because of a cute blog post-and now I needed my phone for further instruction.Frantically I zipped through the kitchen scanning the counters and open shelving-nothing-whirling about I did this very same thing in the bathroom, living room, play room and girl’s room-no sign of the phone. I threw my hands up and sighed angrily."Well I hope I don't forget anything".
I flew through the cabinets pulling out bowls, a candle and glass holder.
"Not now Elly." I said whirling by her.
Carefully the props were set upon the table and I ran to check on dinner: scallops (I didn't have fish), black seedless grapes and those laughing cow cream…

Easter Idea

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  The Cooper family was busy this weekend attending church paricipating in an Easter egg hunt and watching the Ressurection story here:
We are not yet finished celebrating the holiday because I saw this brillant idea: A Jerusalem dinner, the goal is to sit, eat and drink the way they did during Jesus' times.  We are also going to discuss Jeusus's Ministry, Death and Ressuresction over dinner.  Check out her site: the link is below

Happy Monday!

Y is for Yellow- Again

This week our letter in preschool was Y.  Since I don't have any yo yos or even balloons to make water balloon yo yo's, I improvised and stuck with the color yellow.  I beleive the girls still had a good time.  We buised ourselves with these activities.
-Matching Memory Game with Letters..AGAIN
- Made the letter Y with yellow playdough

- Created a letter Y book-got this from-

- Decorated and glued together yellow duckies

- Went outside on a stick hunt-we all took turns making the letter Y out of branches-and we've got lots cause Danny recently pruned.

- Counted Spaghetti up to the letter 26

Have a Happy Easter!!