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Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Pictures

My friend from Jillian B Photography took pictures for us last week and here is a sneak peak!!  There is so much I haven't blogged about like our 3 day canoeing and camping trip in August.  Then there was a weekend get away to Jim Thorpe for Danny and I.  And then we all got sick and there was Thanksgiving and Christmas. I need to get on top of it all!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What we did in July

It was a busy July!  Here is what we did:

1) My brother Devin s graduation Party

2) Had a 4th of July Party

3) A one day Art Camp at Hendershots

4) Flint Hill Farm Boshkowskis

5) A visit to the local pool with Finkbeiners

6) Canoeing on the Lehigh River with Allreds

7) Carnival and Fireworks with Boswells

8) Pioneer Day picnic at Church 

9) Shakespeare Camp

10) Shakespeare for Kids Play at DeSales

11) Celebrate Dannys Birthday

12) Pizza on the Grill with Finkbeiners

What did you do in July??

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Applesauce Making

Our very generous neighbors, the Kunsmans not only let us pick their apples but also let us use their pavilion, burners, pots, etc., to make applesauce. Plus we invited some friends the Lawracys.  We went home with a lot of applesauce! 😀  We have the most generous neighbors ever!!!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

What Every GOOD Summer Camp Needs

I was just taking notes for myself, after reflecting upon such a successful summer camp. It excites me and thrills me so much that I am already planning next year's.  Hope this helps anyone who wants to do this in the future!

1) Memorize something important such as historical documents or classic stories : make it fun with singing, hand motions and expression

2) Be theatrical when teaching: wear costumes, makeup, use fake accents

3) Crafts:  making things = making memories. Using your hands reinforces what your learning

4) Snacks:  Have yummy, healthy snacks to eat and the more themed the better

5) Games:  Trivia games and ones that get kids moving are stimulating and strangely calming for the learning moments

6) Performing.  When kids perform what they learn, not only do they have a good time but they also are more likely to remember it!

7) A finale:  There should always be something to look forward and work towards at the end: A reward, play, Big Game, CAKE, etc.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Yesterday Hayzel got a hold of my lip gloss.  Brinley notified me right away. She then asked if she could wear some which I obliged.  Of course all three girls wanted lip gloss, so they all got some.  Hayzel is hilarious first insisting to put it on herself....until she realized that wasn't happening.  I showed her how I did it on myself and she pursed her lips.  Brinley was ready to go and walked the walk with her hands out and ready.  Elly did the same and then said:

"Look, I'm a Mommy!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So I was listening to this podcast about eating healthy. One of the hosts was explaining how he was always skinny and could not pick up weight.  Elly was in the room and she said:

"I don't know why he would complain about that.  I like being skinny.  That's why I stretch everyday."

Ahh if only streching were the solution to being skinny.  It is cute what a 7 year old thinks.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Book Club

We are missing 2 girls, one just moved and another is on vacation

It will be a year in September since we started our own kid book club.  It isn't anything fancy, usually I find a nice picture book and Read it aloud.  
Their crafts, well okay apparently Brinley is holding Hayzels' craft.  It is flowers made from paint and toilet paper rolls
Then we discuss the characters, setting, plot etc. (About a 5 minute conversation...these are 7 year olds)

Painting away
Afterwards we do a craft related to the book, then follow up with a treat.  The kids also get a chance to catch up and play. We have been consistent and the girls always look forward to it. 

Painting away

 This is specifically designed with Elly in mind, however I am starting an Alphabet Club for Brinley once a month.  A chance for her to get together with her friends, focus on a letter, read a book, do a craft and enjoy a snack.  Play time is always allotted in the time frame.
okay so apparently this is Brinley's craft, and mother of the year I am, I threw it out because I thought it was baby Hayzels' (I helped Hayzel make a flower-not Brinley)


Friday, July 24, 2015

Voice Lessons

 Elly has been blessed with a beautiful voice.  And seriously people, it's not just me with all my motherly admiration.  I have had people approach me and tell me she has such a clear beautiful voice. She has a natural gift my almost 8 year old.  And so we know another young lady in our church who is equally as blessed start giving Elly voice lessons a few weeks ago.  She loves it!  And look what her teacher Mrs. Cecliy made!! Awesome!!

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