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B is for Bumblebee

Well to say that preschool was hectic and messy today is sort of an understatement. But we managed through the melt downs my daughter had and the distractions of dress up clothes. We learned once again about the letter B and number 2, this time focusing on bumble bees as our topic. You'll find I'm not very creative, doing a lot of the same things but here was a schedule anyway.
This of course being after a prayer, song, pledge of allegiance, months, calendar, alphabet and numbers routine.

1)Tracing the letter B, each girl taking turns on our activity book

2) Playing a flower, color, shape memory game

3) Reading the book "Buzz" and making fun noises to go with the book

4) Ten minutes of playtime

5) Trace the number two, counting flowers by two. Showed picture of bumble bee and talked about where bumble bees live and making honey.

6) Bumble Bee Pollen game, found this online at squidoo. Put my memory game flowers all over living room with balls next to them. The balls are sup…

B is for Butterfly

Two other moms and myself decided that preschool was too expensive and as stay at home moms we could do just as good of a job teaching our children letters, numbers, colors etc. Thus began our preschool co op.
Twice a week for two hours our girls get together for some songs, games, crafts and fun. Each mom gets a chance to teach, rotating each week at one of our homes. We are in our second week, my week to teach the letter B and number two.

We start off with a consistent routine with prayer, song, and going over the weather, months and days of the week (in song form of course). And of course going over the alphabet and calendar.
Then it is lesson time! I will give you he brief overview of our lesson for the girls today.

1) Read 10 little ladybugs (a counting book, in which we count the disappearing lady bugs on every page)
2) Tracing the number 2 (on this awesome activity book my mom got me from Five Below)

3) Take Turns emptying a bag full items that begin with the letter B and of course c…

Scarecrow Festival at Peddlers Village

It was a beautiful day to check out Peddlers Village and enjoy the Scarecrow Festival. The air was crisp enough for sweaters and the sun buttery enough to keep us warm.

My friend Julie and I took the kids to enjoy the many unique scarecrows, as we window shopped along the tree lined streets. It felt like fall! And I love the fall! Even some of the leaves are beginning to turn yellow.
We enjoyed a warm lunch on the patio of Sweet Lorraine's Cafe, where I sampled some delicious butternut squash soup, a club sandwich, french fries and chicken fingers with my girls.

We then headed out to one of the two candy stores in Peddlers Village for homemade peanut butter cups and goodies. Mmmm Mmmm.
My daughters enjoyed "free" balloons shaped into heart wrist bracelets, while Mommy listened to the live band.

When it came time to head back to where we started, we ended up Giggleberry fair, where we all enjoyed a "free" carousel ride. To end our day my oldest daughter got to try …