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Our School Year in Review

We have been busy around here, busy with learning and lots of fun!  It was a successful school year, with lots of activities, field trips and read alouds.  We are still continuing onward till June and then will phase into easier "summer school".  But here are a few of the things we have accomplished thus far. Read Aloud Books for School Year of 2015-2016

Ancient History:
Gilgamesh The King: Retold By Ludmilla Zeman
Ancient Egypt: Tales of The Gods: Retold By Marcia Williams
Classic Starts: The Iliad
Classic Starts: Roman Myths
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: By Lynn Curlee
Who was King Tut: By Roberta Edwards
The Childrens Plutarch: Tales Of the Romans
Greek Myths: Retold by Ingri and Edgar D’Aulaires
Voyage To the Pharos: BY Sarah Gauch
Cleopatra: By Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema

Holiday Reading:
Rip Van Winkle
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
Tell Tale Heart
The Gift of The Magi
A Christmas Carol
Magic Tree House Blizzard
Magic Tree House Leprechaun
S is for Shamrock
New Testament for Christmas S…