An Italian Night

I would love to travel the world-but the money in the bank is unable to make that happen, so as you know, we like to travel in the comfort of our own home.  We had the best Friday evening.  A little vacation you might say-yes a Night In Italy. 
We invited some friends on this journey, and turned the whole ordeal into an al fresco potluck.  Before we prayed and ate we had to find Italy on the globe and say "I'm hungry" in Italian.  It's "Ho Fame" (Oh-Faw-mey) in case you were wondering. Everyone brought an italian dish and we feasted on salad, minestrone soup, itlaian bread, artichike dip, chicken parmigiana, fettucine alfredo, and eclairs for dessert (yes, french, but they were out of cannolis) 

All the while, italian opera was playing in the background.  And when supper was complete, we talked about the beautiful vineyards and grapes growing in the mountatins of Italy.  We viewed pictures and talked about the old traditions of grape stomping.  And then guess what-we had a little grape stomping party of our own-via water balloons and kiddie pool.

The night ended around the fire pit, sharing stories and realxing.  It was truly a fun night, and I can't till our next trip around the world.
PS I regret to say that I failed to take many pics of Elly-and the two I did take, the hubby deleted-they were fuzzy.

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Andrea said…
This sounds so fun! Love a good Italian feast, especially with friends. You are so creative!
Danielle said…
It WAS FUN!! I suggest doing one. We are gonna do more-I think a visit to Greece is in order!!

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