Kids Say The Darndest Things

We were watching an excerpt on the making of the Jim Henson film, "The Labyrnth".  Elly was snuggled up beside me, sipping on lemondae and munching popcorn.  One of the pupeteers, Luto-or Pluto (I'm still not sure) is a huge muppet of a puppet.  We watched a man stand inside of 'Luto"aka a huge, furry, stuffy puppet suit and act out his parts in the movie.   We witnessed the man climb out of the of the heat induced "Luto" contraption huffing and puffing.  He wiped off the beads of sweat and said
"Piece of cake" 
Afterwards he dramatically fell to the floor, pretending he had passed out.  Elly looked back at me, her brows quizzically furrowed.
"Why does he want a piece of cake mom?"
I laughed and she again looked at me with curiousity.
"Why you laughing?" 
Because it's cute when kids take everything literally, that's why. 
Minutes later I heard her repeating the phrase....piece of cake.


Ludo!!! He's my favorite!!! You've got cute kids :)
Danielle said…
Oh thank you! So it's Ludo. I only watched the movie a thousand times. We own "The Labrynth" in true VHS form. We watched it today-the excerpt is after the movie.

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