Kids Say The Darndest Things

Scene 1

"Mom, Epella is a bear"
"Epella is the bear?"  I ask, pointing to the speckled pink and orange stuffed animal perching on one of the kiddie chair.
"Uhuh, Epella, Fella."

Scene 2

We read the story of Jonah that morning.  We talked about Jonah's fears and how wicked the people of Ninevah were. Elly listened intently as Jonah fled to the sea, in hopes of hiding from the Lord.  But none of us can hide from God-we may run, but we will do so in vain.  Later that day we were at the park.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping.  And Elly said:
"God love us"
"Yes this is true and he loves you very much."
She shook her head and continued "He misses us-cuz when I'm at grandma's house, him miss me."
I then,  proceeded to remind her of the story of Jonah.


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