I am a Blankie

She drags the lilac quilt behind her.  It goes where ever she does, through grass, dirt, and cool wooden floors.  I watch her stop and put the purple material to her nose.  Brinely breathes in it's aroma and closes her eyes.  She has a great love her for blankie...or is it addiction?  She can not sleep without it, and she insists on taking it everywhere.  It is adorable to watch.
I can't help but feel like that blanket sometimes.  As as mom, there are days, minutes, hours when I feel, drug through the dirt, trampled on, ripped at the seams, worn, and without a break.  Sometimes I wish for a long relaxing, uniterrupted nap, or a few minutes to finish cleaning the kitchen or sort the laundry.  But then sometimes there is nothing better than feeling like a blankie, cuddled and kissed, adored and loved, small conversations filled with giggles and smiles, having a pair of tiny hands in yours, hearing the lovely words "I love you Mommy."  Yes there is nothing better than feeling like a blankie. 

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