A Cooper Reunion

I suppose we don't need a real Cooper reunion.  We average about once a month seeing one another.  We just wish the Campbells could join us more often-Danny's sister and brother in law.  Anywho, Memorial weekend was the perfect time to have a lil get together, which is exactly what we did. 
So I guess I like to number things so you know exactly what we did, so here goes:

1) Everyone had fun playing on the swings sets, checking out Danny's pretty garden, and chowing down on pulled pork sandwhiches.  We also ate fresh salad from the garden, chips, sausage stew and soda. 

2) After lunch a trip to Lost River Caverns was in order.  It was fun going down into the cool deep cave, especially on such a hot day!

3) Like we need another reason to eat-off the to Rita's Italian Ice we went!  Followed by a trip home to laze around for a bit and chat. 

4) Eating time Again!  It was yummy- pot roast with carrots, mashed potatoes and again more fresh salad!

5) The First Annual Cooper Talent Show!  This was adorable.  Bruklyn (9) showed us how to draw a Veggie Tales character, Maddy (8) told some jokes, Haedyn (5) taught us how to take care of our teddy bears, Elly (4) and I sang "You Are My Sunshine", JoJo (2) sang "Row Row Row Your Boat", we tried to get Brinley (1) to show us how to put on a pair of shoes-she's obsessed!  I played my flute, Kevin and Danny juggled for us, Grandma took us on a bear hunt and Aunt Betty showed off her Elvis moves.  Phew-please ignore all those grammatical errors-cause I won't be fixing them.  It was a hoot and we will DEFINITELY be doing this annually. 

6) We finished just in time for the storm to arrive.  Inside we microwaved smores- the orgional plan was to get the fire pit lit and and make smores over the fire.  We were also going to camp out in tents-so needless to say neither of these things happened.  So after all the kiddies chocolated themselves up it was time for everyone to go home-well except us, we were home. 

7) Our niece spent the night.  Her and Elly made a tent and slept there.

Hope Your Memorial Weekend was as AWESOME as ours-with family and friends.


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