Kids say the Darndest things

Some cutesty lines for you today, brought to you by Ellyanna:

Quote 1

“The boy got a gift.”  Ellyanna read out loud. 

“Very good.”  I chimed, proud of my little girl who can read small sentences.  That is, the sentences and words we review every night after bath time.  She beamed with pride and then her little forehead proceeded to scrunch up as she pointed at the flash card. 

“Why is there a polka dot there?”    Baffled I glimpsed at the card in my hand.  Polka dot?  What polka dot?  Oh…she meant the period.

“Well that is called a period, and this goes at the end of every sentence.”  Her brows furrowed and she said.

“But why is there a polka dot there?”  Maybe this explanation was a bit advanced for a four year old. 

Any ideas on how to explain this?  Think it over and share with me. 

Quote 2

“What you gonna do with all that junk?  All that junk in your trunk?”  Elly belted out the words as she bopped her head and shook her hips in an awkward, innocent way. 

I promise I didn’t teach her this song.  Danny likes to quote the movie “Blades of Glory” a lot.  And it just so happens that there is a scene where Will Ferrel sings this and says a few funny lines.  Danny likes to randomly quote this part of the movie and Elly is listening.  I have to admit it is quite adorable to see her sing and dance to songs she has heard over the radio.  And we are now at that age where you really need to be careful about what they watch and hear.  Oh my goodness they are always watching and listening and suddenly one day they are saying the same exact things you say with the same exact quizzical looks or furrowing brows.  And most of the time I love it.  I’m sure this will change when we hit the teenage years.



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