A Little Red Riding Hood Family Date

We had a Micro Family Date last night-Red Riding Hood Style.  How does one have a Red Riding Hood Date?  I shall tell you. 

1) Place a blanket on the floor like your having a picnic and proceed to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Use funny voices for each character and explain things to your child.  Elly asked me "Oh the wolf talks??"  I explained that yes in this story he does indeed.

2)  Little Red Riding Hood did not stay on the path.  So we had a little game, a  Stay on the Path Activity, aka walk on the stick without falling.

3) Picking Flowers and Finding them-I printed up pictures of flower and taped them up, and hid them in the girls bedroom.

4) Coloring and Questions.  We found our flowers, then it was time to color them.  It was also time to review the story and ask "what if" questions.  Questions like "What if Little Red Riding Hood didn't pick flowers and stayed on the path?  How can we listen to Mommy and Daddy?" 

5) Little Red Riding Hood was delivering cakes, so it's only natural to have cakes afterwards.

Hope your weekend was magical!


Catherine H. said…
What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment!
Your blog is very sweet. your kiddos are presh!

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