An Ode To Grandma Cooper

Grandma Cooper, Elly, Me-Danielle, and Aunt Betty at Cabela's a few weeks ago.

Where does on go when they are craving cake and ice-cream?  Who do you visit when you want to be artsy and whip up some crafts?  What help can you seek for painting finger nails and weaving french braids?

  For Elly, that someone is Grandma Cooper.  Trips to the movies, outings to the store for a fancy little girl's dress, visits to McDonalds are all anticipated when Elly spends a weekend at Grandma Coopers.  When they are not out and about receiving little girl manicures and munching on chicken nuggets they are home at Grandma Cooper’s possibly flying high on the front porch swing, playing Barbie Dolls, making crafts or feeding the chickens-yes the Cooper Grandparents have chickens.  Tearing sheets off the water bed and jumping on it is simply common place.  Watching Wonder Pets and singing at the top of your lungs with Grandma is expected.  Helping with baking, washing dishes and let's not forget bath time are highlights on their busy agenda.  A new Barbie doll for Elly always greets her upon her visit, as well as warm hugs and multiple kisses.  And the compliments come pouring out eternally.
Grandma and Grqandpa Cooper with Elly.  And yes I do need to take more pictures of the grandparents. 

One can't help but feel warm, fuzzy and special when visiting Grandma Cooper.  She makes you feel at home the moment you walk in the door.  She is like that mother in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” busy with cooking, crafts and laughter.  Frequently you will hear that exact quote from the movie, “You Hungry?  I make you something.”  You never hunger, thirst or tire of her delectable treats or charm.  Elly is so blessed to have such a grandmother in her life.  And I am grateful for a kind and caring mother in law. 
Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing if I can't even turn a picture on the correct side.  Help!


Andrea said…
Lucky!! I'm so jealous. What a blessing to not only have a fabulous mom yourself, but then to get a wonderful woman like this. You truly have a blessed life my friend!:)
Danielle said…
Yes I know I am blessed. I am so grateful to have family I adore and cherish. Look for an upcoming tribute to the other grandma-aka my mom.

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