Kids say the Darndest things

The Super Star Elly

Typically the phrases and conversations Elly has with her friends and adults melt your heart.
"I like princesses and strawberry short cake!"  She told a little boy in the park the other day.  And there other times that you like to pretend she never said. "I don't like you anymore!  Your a bad mom!"  And then there are the sort of embarressing yet entertaining and innocent stories like this one that happened yesterday:

"That girls immodest mommy". Elly pointed at the lady in front of us walking her dogs. She was in her workout garb, black long spandex shorts and a teal tank top. Elly was referring to the womans' shoulders showing.
"Mommy that girls' immodest.". She repeated, this time the words rang through the air even louder.
"uh huh.". I said as quietly as I could. I taught my daughter about modesty at a young age and am ever so grateful she listens to me, but now I was a bit embarressed. After all it was a warm sunshiny day in Pennsylvania and well when it is warm out most people here wear tank tops. We are the odd people out, because modesty to us means covering your tummy, shoulders and anything above the knees-with the exception of bathing suits (well we do say no to bikinis but we don't wear shorts when we swim.).
One of the Parks in town has a volleyball sand pit.  It makes for great sand castles.

Brinsters looks tired and her and Elly took a nap during our walk on the rail trails.

"Mommy! That girl is immodest!!". Elly was shouting by now, I wanted to shrink behind the double jogging stroller I was pushing.
"okay! I heard you the first time.". My voice raised itself. I was afraid this woman heard us and thought we were judging her for her fashion preferences. I lagged behind as the woman sped up, gradually disappearing from our view. Elly was whimpering now, thinking she was in trouble and had said a bad thing.
"I'm not mad Elly, I just, let's talk about something else."
 I now have to teach her that even if someone is dressing immodestly does not mean we need to discuss this in public places or call them out on such things. But I love the innocence of children.
Flowers Danny got me yesterday for my birthday, still working on taking better pictures

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Samantha said…
Good for you and teaching your daughter about modesty! I love how kids are so indiscriminate with what they choose to say!
Nicole said…
haha! love how kids have zero filter.

it reminds me of when i was little and my mom had just had my sister. we were going shopping so my mom could purchase a donut pillow for sitting on. i guess i said something along these lines pretty loud, Mommy, is this for your sore bottom?!

poor mothers. :)

happy wednesday friend!
Danielle said…
Thanks guys- She cracks me up with the adorable things she says. And kids listen to you even when you think they aren't. So glad she does, listen and dresses modest. I try to jot them all down as fast as I can, but I find myself forgetting half of them. Thanks for reading!!

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