A Nifty Fifty Family Date

So alright the family date really turned into a Mommy Daughter date, because we are visiting the Cooper grandparents this week and we watched our friends kids last night.  So what was I to do-skip the family date?  I think not, and since Danny pretty much experienced the 50's in his Micro Date, I figured he would be okay with this.  So wanna have a 50's date with your kids?  Okay lets get started then.

1) Play Hopscotch-okay I'm not really sure if this was a 50's thing-but it's fun so I figured we should play it.  For Inside Hopscotch use some masking tape, electrical tape, or what ever colorful tape you have on hand.  Obviously you can do this outside with chalk, like I had to mention this. ;-)

I know, I know, probably too many pictures, but can you blame me?  They are adorable right?

1) Play Clothespin in the Bottle-Again!  This time the bottle was just a a wee bit closer...or a lot closer.  It didn't matter because eventually the girls were walking up to the bottle and just throwing it in.  Well okay, Brinley was doing this from the start- since you can't teach the these kind of rules to a 17 month old-who knew?!?


3) Bubble Gum Blowing Contest- Or more like stuffing our mouths with sugar filled gumballs-Our teeth are not thanking us, I'm sure.  I tried teaching Elly to blow bubbles, since this is new stuff.  Maybe in a few months she'll have that down.  Then again, I'm thinking I will not be getting more gumballs since Brinley and myself have a rather strong addiction to such things.  No good pics, sorry, there were times where I forgot to take pics-much to your dismay, I know-like you aren't already bored of the overkill of pictures.

4) A little Dancing-man I wish I took pictures of this.

5)  Candy Designs with candy buttons

 6) Yogurt Banana Splits- because the candy buttons and gumballs weren't enough! I'm not sure if I'm the best of Mothers, passing on my chronic sweet tooth syndrome to my girls. 

 Wishing you some Magical Family Time


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