Father's Day and traveling

Elly's workm of art

Brinley's work of art

Father's Day is this Sunday, but we celebrated early. We made a yummy dinner, had cinnamon rolls and gave homemade cards.  We celebrated early because....
I am soo excited.....I'm leaving on a jet plane, this Sunday.  My little sis I are heading out to Utah to see our other sister Katie.  I feel like such a lucky duck.  It has been two years since we have seen her in the flesh.  She gave birth to a little baby boy this past December, so I'm very excited to see the cutie. 
 And guess, what I will  be kid free!  I'll hardly know what to do with myself!  I am giddy with excitment.  The last time I was out in Salt Lake was 8 years ago....serving a mission. 
I want to visit my old stomping grounds, like Park City, which is where I lived for ten out of the 18 months I served.  I want to check out Temple Square and well, any other sites that are relatively cheap.  I will be taking lots of pictures and hopefully blogging a bit.  I will try, but don't be upset if I'm not around, I'll make up for it the following week.  
 A BIG Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads out there, but especially my Dad who taught me the value of hard work, giving, saving and a sense of humor.  I have always been able to talk to him about anything and ask questions without being fearful. He would get down on the ground and play dolls with us as kids.  He would read with us, talk with us, and help with our homework. 
 He is a song writer, guitarist and plays the drums-for fun. I have a song written just for me. I sing that song to my girls every night.  I want to pass on his legacy to coming generations.  I still can go to him for anything.  I wil love him forever.  He is one of my best friends. 

Myself, DAD, my lil sister Mary:Spring 2011
DAD-aka Pop Pop, MOM-aka Nonna, Elly, Brinley: Spring 2011

And to my husband, who is another fanstastic father.  A dad most kids dream of.  He plays Barbies with the girls.  He reads the scriptures to them.  He puts them to work when he is outside building something or gardening.  He gets down on all fours and becomes a ferocious beast that chases after his squealing daughters.  I am thankful for good fathers, they make the world go round.


Danielle said…
Thank you!! I'm Excited!!!

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