Utah: Part One

My head spun and stomache curdled as the plane took a dive to the right, bouncing our seats up and down in a throbbing sort of way.  We were preparing for landing.  The ride hadn't been so bad until the pilot mentioned over the loud speaker that in about twenty minutes we would be in Salt Lake.  It was then that metal contraption we were sitting in began to toss to and fro like a ship at sea. 

Nausea took over me in one sweeping moment.  I had clutched my stomache with one hand, and covered my mouth with the other.  I could feel the sweat begin to bead at my forehead, neck and arm pits.  It seemed I had just the right amount of food in me that could force itself up my throat and into my dry mouth.  And as the plane jarred back and forth, and my insides swelled that is exactly what happened.  For the last ten minutes of the freakishly hot and dizzy landing I held my mouth tightly and anguishly glanced around seeking a brown paper bag, plastic container, anything to releive me of the grossness sliming my tongue and inside of my cheeks.

It wasn't until I could see the black top we were set to land on, that I desperately picked up my itinerary papers and spewed chunks into it.  Gross.  What an entrance, I thought.  Welcome to Salt Lake.   My fourteen year old sister Mary and I had made the journey together.  We had kept each other entertained for the most part....until she fell asleep and I became ill.  It was a feeble stroll to baggage claim.  Down we slowly we went on the escalator, expanding our views to an open room full of moving belts full of baggage and eagerly waiting people. 

One smilig brunette with a maroon shirt waved up at us.  Katie.  My sister, was all smiles anticpating our visit.  She had been living in Utah for three years now, and it had been two years since we'd seen her in the flesh.  And we were FINALLY so excited to see her.  Hugs were exchanged, laughs were shared, plans were made of our one week's journey.  It was going to be EPIC!  Just as soon as I recovered from this motion sickness.    


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