The Simply Wonderful Things of Summer


You know Summer is here when the rasberries are bloomed and beginng to ripe.  Really, is there anything better than rasberries fresh off the vine??  I LOVE rasberries.  Thankfully a few years back, we planted some in the back yard.  You know what else I LOVE....the summer.  The simple  and delicious pleasures of this fantastic weather.  Here in PA the weather has been AMAZING!! There is a constant gentle breeze, the humidity has been low, the sun shines and the sweet birds sing their tunes.  I am enjoying it for as long as it lasts.  I have To Do List for my Summer Plans, and they consist of this:

-Picking and Eating Rasberries off The Vine
-Strawberry Picking
-Blueberry Picking
-Star Gazing
-Dorney Park Trips
-Free Movie Days @ the Promenade
-Bouncing on the Trampoline with my Girls
-Days in The Park
-Rail Trails
-Have another successful Summer Camp Co-op
-Swimming at my Parents house
-Day Trips to New Hope, Peddler's Village,Jim Thorpe etc.
-Catching Firflies
-Fresh Veggies from the garden
-Learn how to jar tomatoes from the garden
-Make homemade applesauce
-Learn how to jar my homemade applesauce
-Concerts in The Park
-Movies in The Park

What's on YOUR Summer TO DO List??


Sounds like you're on the right track to an eventful and fun summer! Might have to steal some of these ideas! xoxo
Danielle said…
Thanks! Please do!! Hope your summer us going well!! Sounds like you've been having a ton o fun traveling!!

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