Dorney Park: Dinosaurs Alive!!

We are such LUCKY DUCKS!!  Yes, we may not go on too many exotic vacations...unless camping is considered exotic.  But...we do lots of local things that are soo fun, like enjoying shows at the Zoellner Center, FREE movie days, and getting Season Passes at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. 
Saturday, that's where we Dorney, checking out the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. 

We hang with my dear friend Janelle and her little boy at Dorney, were cool like that.  It was fun peruzzing the trails, checking out the ginormous dinosuars wag their tails, move thier claws and roar with ferociousness .  Ellyanna (yes the four and a half year old) was the scared one.  She clung to my pant legs for the first ten minutes as we approached the largest dinos.  Eventually she figured out that indeed they were not real, despite their sheer size.

We can only stay as long as the kids let us, which is about 3 hours.  So after a couple of consecutive carousel rides, a walk in the Dino-land and some lunch, the kiddies were tapped out.  This is the benefit to Season Passes.  You can come for a couple hours each week, and not rush.  You can truly enjoy the park, bits at a time. 

I hope your weekend was as lovely as ours!


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