Dating is Delightful

You are probably wondering "where have all the Micro dates gone??"  I know your probably itching for some ideas.  Well the truth is, for the past two weeks I haven't done a single Micro date.  Why?  Because for the past two weeks Danny and I have gone on two real live dates-aka-out of the home with babysitters lined up.  It was wonderful, I have to admit.  It was time for a change of pace-if I had to do a Micro date every week, well I'd be fried and served on a platter-or something like that.  Micro dates are fun, but there is a great need to get out of the house-before 9pm-and enjoy some fresh air.  So this is what we did:
Date 1
Checked out the Arts Quest Center at Bethlehem Steel Stacks:

Date 2
Went to Thai Thai-a Thai restauant-duh.  Yummy food!

 Also bought some new running sneakers and bought some ice cream.

Sorry not many pictures-too busy enjoying ourselves...hope you are able to get our of the house and enjoy yourselves a good ole fahioned date.  ;-)



Shannon b said…
now that is some crazy art. :) Glad you were able to get out of the house and enjoy a night out!
Teresa said…
Love Thai food...and date night.
Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Such a small world! Shannon and I both used to live in Oregon (just outside of Portland - she was a bit North or me, though) and you seem to live where my husband is from -- Bethlehem, PA!

Not many people are familiar with Bethlehem but it is very familiar to us. We live in DC and it's not that far of a drive -- we visit there a few times a year. It's so nice to "run into" someone else who's in the know!

Looking forward to reading about your next date!
Danielle said…
NO way!! That's awesome!! So you live in DC now? You must love the free zoo, free museums and being so close to a temple. Thanks for reading!! Actually have to blog about a recent date-last saturday at the zoelner arts center in Bethlehem (its relatively new-Lehigh Univerisity owns it) However i have no pics. I always forget!

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