Letter U

Preschool Today-The Letter U was the focus

Some games

The kids are bored of counting so I try to find unique ways to count.  Today it was throwing beans in an umbrella and counting them out loud.

The Letter U horse shoes-with cardboard rather than the real deal-saves on getting hurt.


Throw some Shaving Cream and food coloring in a bag.  Mix it together and have the kiddies create letters, numbers, shapes.  Obviously today we focused on the letter U.

Matching Up Letters

Finding the Letter U

Making A rainstorm with our hands.  Wind: Sliding your hands back and forth against one another.
Light Rain: Tapping two fingers against your other palm.  Harder Rain: Slapping Your hands against your legs.  A Storm:  Slapping Your Hands against your thighs, while stomping your feet.


I just google Letter U images for tracing and coloring.  It's wonderful the amount of free resources there are.


Obvioulsy an umbrella craft would have been perfect to do-but I was too busy with the other stuff-so next time.

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What a fun way to spend the day!
Danielle said…
thanks, it was fun and a beautiful day to be outside!!

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