Jerusalem Dinner

I set the table in a huff.  Brinley was put in her crib temporarily due to her sneaky tornado-like ways-as in climbing the table we were about to eat on and messing the fancy midnight table cloth up.  Quickly I threw back on the table cloth over the girls mini play table.   Where was my phone?  I had come up with this lovely idea because of a cute blog post-and now I needed my phone for further instruction.  Frantically I zipped through the kitchen scanning the counters and open shelving-nothing-whirling about I did this very same thing in the bathroom, living room, play room and girl’s room-no sign of the phone. I threw my hands up and sighed angrily.  "Well I hope I don't forget anything".

I flew through the cabinets pulling out bowls, a candle and glass holder.


"Not now Elly." I said whirling by her. 

Carefully the props were set upon the table and I ran to check on dinner: scallops (I didn't have fish), black seedless grapes and those laughing cow cream cheese triangles. It may not seem like much, but I was attempting to keep the meal in character for the era.  I plated the food and re set the table. Once this was all put together of course I felt obliged to take pictures for my many readers-what is there like two of you?  And you must forgive me because this girl cannot take a picture- that and my camera isn’t exactly the best.

After pictures I retrieved trouble seeker Brinley and called Elly in.  There I was; mean minutes before to my darling girls, because I had to make a table pretty.  I was forcing them to sit at  this very table now, so I could teach them about Jesus.  Isn't it ironic?  My huffy puffy impatience was thrown at my girls- all so I could be extra nice minutes later and teach that Jesus wants us to be kind to others-not exactly the best example of a parent I am.  You might as well stamp a BIG hypocrite sign to my forehead.  However in the spirit of this we sat down.  There were pillows for seats-since that's how they did it during Jesus time, but of course Elly picked the only seat at the table which also happened to be where I propped up a picture of our Savior.  Thankfully there was a picture of the Savior present reminding me of the lesson I was meant to teach.  So if she wanted to sit on the chair then I shall go with it.

Starting off with prayer is always a good thing, since it calms and relieves my soul, and I was ready for our teaching lesson.  We munched on our food using our hands as utensils and I began with the last supper.   We talked about Jesus and his twelve apostles.  I mentioned how he had his apostles drink wine and eat bread for the remembrance of his flesh and blood.  I had us munch on bits of bread and try out some red colored water.  We talked about sacrament and the fact that Jesus died for our sins so that we could live again. 
 I brought a bowl of warm water and washed her tiny toes and feet-sees.  We chatted about how servants washed the masters’ feet back then.  I explained that Jesus was the Master, yet he was serving his apostles and was washing their feet.  If he is the master, our example of light and goodness and perfection then how more in need are we of serving those who are younger, older, smaller, bigger, weaker, stronger, richer and poorer?  It is necessity.  This was really becoming a wonderful lesson for yours truly.  I'm pretty sure my innocent precious girlies did not need this like I did-their teacher needed a stern reminder.  The spirit poured over us like warm peaceful comforter.

We discussed how he bled from every pore.  I mentioned the prick of blood from a boo boo she had gotten earlier that day and how that pain was tiny compared to the pain he felt.  I explained that he took upon all the sins of the world, every hurt, and every pain every mistake; he took it all for us.  And even in the midst of that crippling pain, his follower Judas Iscariot was betraying him. We touched a thorn from a raspberry bush I had trimmed.  We felt the prickery stick and pondered the crown, made to crush a perfect God.  

We thrust a nail to our palms, allowing us to imagine the stinging aching pain our Lord went through.  And then he mentioned those magical words that sometimes we have a hard time choosing "Father Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Forgiveness, this is what the Easter story is all about, to forgive and live again because the Savior died for us.  I hope we all remember to do this on a daily basis.   I am a sinner, I am impatient, unkind, and yell.  But I can be forgiven.  I can choose to forgive and serve each day, each hour, each minute, I make the choice.   If we have faith let us-in the midst of sorrow, frustration, trials and anger-choose faith, forgiveness and service.   We are not perfect, we will screw up time and time again, but so long and we choose faith- get back up and try again- we will find peace.   I was taught a valuable lesson at this Jerusalem Dinner, things I already knew but needed to be reminded of.  I am full of sin; I will forever remain dirty to enter the kingdom of heaven without the grace of god.  He atoned for our sins and we can find peace and everlasting life.  But we make the choice.


MomLaur said…
I am smiling reading through this and recognizing so much of myself in what you have described. Yet it discounts everything when my attitude sours. Thank God he is merciful and I am learning (somewhat slowly) to hold these sour moments in check! Visiting from WWHM
Danielle said…
Oh thank you! It's nice to know I'm not alone in such weak moments!! Seems to me being a mom is the most rewarding, satisfying, stressful and hardest job out there! It's nice to have a reminder that through Christ I am not alone and can be forgiven for my countless screw ups. I just need to be reminded of this a little more often than most. Thanks for stopping by!
The Murdocks said…
What a great teaching opportunity for your little ones. I love the idea. I find myself loosing patience getting ready for church and feel the same way. Luckily kids are sweet spirits and forgive and forget really quickly. I will have to try this next Easter. Miss you!!!
Danielle said…
I miss the Murdocks!! Hope all is well in Cali!

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