Simple Pleasures

My posts may not be as long or informative these days.  I feel my heart stretching and yearning for the simpler things in life.  The sweet tunes trickling out of a blue bird, the golden sun gracing us with it's warmth and light, the tiny giggles that rumble out of my darling little girls mouths.  Simple pleasures is what I am seeking, not some grand display of the quirky dates I give, or preschool ideas complete with a zillion pictures, nor a full exclamation of every family date we have.  Just the silver lining of all, highlights of the best things in life, and more time to focus on the already fleeting time I have with my ever changing family.  Hope this is okay with you.
The Highlights of past weeks
-Peering up at the blue sky with Elly and her taking noticing of the nature about her: "Mommy, Look at The Tree, it's like going up to heaven"

-Having a family date completetly focused on the value of a Virtuous Princess.  I melted watching my little girl earn her princess garb with every good deed and kind word she spoke.  In the end we all understood that faith, humility, hard work and kindness dress us into the beautiful women we are.
-Watching Brinley chase after the birdies, (behr) bunny rabbits (dah), butterflies (Buh) and squirrels (Sss) in the back yard.  Also fun hearing her put her own twist on their names.
Have a wonderful weekend!! 
A virtuous princess

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adorable post - and adorable girls :)
Danielle said…
Thanks, they are pretty cute. We enjoyed a gloriously sunny with a slight breeze kinda day. Hope your day was sunshiney as ours.

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