Kids Say The Darndest Things

I picked up Brinley, dusting off the wood chips from her fall-for the umpteenth time. She wriggled and squealed in my arms, waving her hands towards Danny.
"Momma!" She called out to him-rarely does she say Dada.
Danny retrieved her from me and she giggled with delight,
"She loves Daddy so much more". I sulked for a moment. And then Elly piped up.
"And I love you Mommy so much more!". Nothing like some sweet magical words put me in a happy mood. Seriously it's no competition, but it did feel nice to hear my daughter come to my immediate defense. She is my buddy and she is growing soo fast!!


I LOVE when it seems like they love me just a little bit more. ;) It feels so nice to be needed!
Danielle said…
Me too, its a wonderful feeling. ;-)

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