School is in Session!

School is in session!
   We started our preschool co op this week and I think it will be tons of fun! In addition to the co op I am homeschooling Elly. In Math we are learning shapes, number recognition, counting and addition. Phonics is number one on the list, as well as letter recognition. We do crafts and add bits of history and science. 

   Oh what a learning curve this is for me, but I have been LEARNING soo much...about my children, myself, teaching techniques, learning styles. I have been angry, nice, stressed, calm, overzealous, controlling, relaxed and eager. It's been a humbling experience, a day by day, minute by minute lesson for ME!!
I personally have learned that I can not and should not control everything-I'm sure this will be an ongoing lesson to be learned. I also have learned that everyone learns differently-patience should be never ending, and getting angry deflects learning. 

   Prayer has become super important in this process, and when I am excited to learn so are the kids. So there you have it! And I am loving it!! I have felt a peace despite those discouraged outbursts I occasionally have, (which are completely useless and counteractive.). What a thrill it is to see Elly learn and progress, to be right by her side and beam with pride. I love my girls!! And life is good!! How is your school year going??


Laura said…
Oh, how I remember those homeschool days! We did a co-op as well for the older kids which was quite the challenge. Hope it all goes well!
Andrea said…
Oh my friend, how I wish we lived closer:( We've started our school too...wish we had some cool feathers like that! Something tells me we'll have to take a trip to the $ store;)
Jill F said…
Hi Danni! I love reading your blog and getting to catch little glimpses of your life and family. I have taught preschool for the last 8 years and would love to share resources and ideas with you. Drop me a not sometime. I miss ya.
Danielle said…
Laura: thanks for the encouragement! I always love hearing about different teaching styles. I also enjoy reading your homesteading adventures!!

Andrea: the feathers come from Michaels. And they last forever! I love em! Wish you were back in PA so we could do a homeschool co op together!!

Jill: it's great to hear from u! Ironically, TODAY I was just paging through my mission journals which I haven't done In a year or two. I would love resources, the more help I get the better! Thanks soo much!! And I did not realize that you have a blog, which I am eager to check out! Hope all is well!!

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