Family Reading

     Since I enjoyed reading "A Christmas Carol" with the family so much, I decided it was a tradtion I wanted to carry through out the year.  And so I have a list, a list that is ever growing. I have this goal to simplify my life from all unimportant things.  The goal is to replace those distractions with purpose, more family time, more husband time, more spiritual time.  And one of those BIG UGLY distractions is the TV.  I hate to admit it, but the hubby and I are TV addicts.  It's the very reason we don't have cable.  I would literally be watching HGTV or something raunchy like the "The Real Housewives of Something" 24/7, and what kind of mom would I be then??  Side note: I am exactly that kind of mom when I go to my inlaws who have a big flat screen and cable.
        And so to force myself out of this addiction, I have come up with a plan.  A plan to read a family.  There are so many great classics, I wasn't sure where to begin, until I saw the weak binding of a book in the childrens section at the library.  "Little House on the Prairie" is the first book of many we plan to read.  As always I'm not sure if Ellyanna is getting ANYTHING from it, so I find myself summarizing the couple of pages we have previously read, but it doesn't matter.  What matters is the TV is off and we are together as a family.  What matters is the habit we are forming, and that eventually she will get SOMETHING out of the words I am reading aloud.  What matters is that reading good books will take precenence over the entertainment of today.  A simple thing really, but I beleive it will result in a BIG, but very GRADUAL change.  Tell me, if anyone out there is reading this, and cares to respond, what matters to you? 


Lorilee said…
Such a good book. I got in the habit of reading to the kids before they went down for a nap and we have gone through quite a few :) We read a series on animals and animal stories that the kids loved... but I don't remember the name now. Lots of times it is the old books that are the best stories.
Lori said…
Danielle always read to her kids; but especially little Jack, and now he LOVES reading. He has read the whole Harry Potter series at least 2 times. All of her kids have benefited from the books and the family time. Keep up the good will see results in a little while!!
Danielle said…
Yes! That is what I am hoping for. We keep plugging away, despite my daughters 5 second attention span. She's four so it's alright. I just keep reading despite it and summarize at the end. ;-)

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