I never thought I would be a homesteader.  I thought I was cut out for a life in which I would marry a rich doctor, live in a 4,000 square foot mini mansion and pop out a bunch of babies as a stay at home momma.  But this did not happen, instead, life is soo much better.  I thought big homes, fancy cars and designer clothes were the route to true happiness. 

But then I got married, to a sexy man without a Bachelors degree.  I married a man that works with his hands, who tills the ground and builds things with wood and nails and prunes trees.  And it is better than I planned.  I have a hubby who manages his money and stays on budget.  We are a team.  I am not totally reliant upon him and he is not completely reliant upon me.  We make goals and conquer, together.

God has been slowly working on us, taking out the prideful materialistic wants.  He has turned our hearts to the past, to a simpler more frugal time, to a time in which Americans were more self reliant, and hard working.  A time when instant gratification did not exist, but slow and steady results grew, consistent hard work and sacrifice brought satisfaction and contentment. 

So this summer we started our first organic garden, built a coop, bought three chickens, amd aquired a beehive for some future fresh honey.  We are certainly rookies at this whole homesteading thing, but we feel that it is the path we should be taking, and peace has come from it.  Join us on the wild ride.


Andrea said…
You go girl! Wish we lived closer so we could get together for canning in the fall LOL.
Danielle said…
Thanks Andrea! Guess what I just canned peaches today for the very first time!! Now I've passed the first hurdle of overcoming the fear of screwing up. And I did it by myself. I never canned before by myself, and even then i only did it like once almost five years ago, so yay for me! ;-) Wish you lived closer....hey wanna move to PA?

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