Book Club

We are missing 2 girls, one just moved and another is on vacation

It will be a year in September since we started our own kid book club.  It isn't anything fancy, usually I find a nice picture book and Read it aloud.  
Their crafts, well okay apparently Brinley is holding Hayzels' craft.  It is flowers made from paint and toilet paper rolls
Then we discuss the characters, setting, plot etc. (About a 5 minute conversation...these are 7 year olds)

Painting away
Afterwards we do a craft related to the book, then follow up with a treat.  The kids also get a chance to catch up and play. We have been consistent and the girls always look forward to it. 

Painting away

 This is specifically designed with Elly in mind, however I am starting an Alphabet Club for Brinley once a month.  A chance for her to get together with her friends, focus on a letter, read a book, do a craft and enjoy a snack.  Play time is always allotted in the time frame.
okay so apparently this is Brinley's craft, and mother of the year I am, I threw it out because I thought it was baby Hayzels' (I helped Hayzel make a flower-not Brinley)



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