Shakespeare Camp Day 4

Our acting crew

In the middle of a scene

Today was our last day of camp.  I am so happy with how everything turned out. And can now take a sigh of relief.  Tomorrow we all meet up for "Shakespeare For Kids" play.  But this is what we did for our last day: Day 4 of camp:

Human Tic Tac Toe

1) Play Human Tic Tac Toe.  It was a review game of all we learned the previous days before

Goofy picture

2) Set Up our Stage Props and have a Dress Rehearsal.  The kids acted out the scenes where King Oberon puts the love potion in Queen Titiana's eyes and Puck puts the love potion in Lysanders' eyes.  Then we see Hermia wake up asking where Lysander went, Lysander waking up and seeing Helena, tells her he loves her.  Puck turns Nick Bottom into a donkey. Queen Titiana also awakes and beholds Nick Bottom the donkey and proclaims her love.  The kids REALLY enjoyed the acting!!  What a great way to end camp!!

More Human Tic Tac Toe: With Shakespeare Trivia Questions

3) Play "Shakespeares' Got Talent"  Afterwards the kids got to dress up and spray their hair with glitter and color spray.  Then we picked adult judges and had them sing "I know a bank....".  However they had to pick paper with instructions out of a bowl, to determine how they were to sing these lines (Like a lion, disco, opera, pinching their nose etc.)  Everyone had a turn and since the kids wanted to do it again we teamed them up boys and then girls second time around. 

What is Summer Camp without a Cake!

4) We ended with Cake, ice cream and lemonade.  Best day of all when you get to see that each kid can sing Shakespeare lines, act it out and enjoy the props they created. 

Hayzel playing with the big kids

This camp was such a success we will probably end up doing Shakespeare every other year: different plays each time.

Elly wanted a fairy hair do


Brukly n said…
I LOVE her fairy hair!

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