Shakespeare Camp Day 3

Out curtain backdrop

Well if Shakespeare Camp wasn't fun enough already, my friend Anna take Wednesday and really piled on the fun!  This is what we did day 3:

The Book Anna used

1) Went over all of lines again in song form with hand motions (Skip to my Lou)

"I know a bank,
Where the wild thyme blows,

Where oxlips,
And the nodding violet grows,

Quite overcanopied,
With luscious woodbine,

With sweet muskroses,
And with Eglantine"

Hayzel really tried to help out!

2) Anna gave us a lesson on the Theater and how Will Shakespeare got into writing and acting and creating a theater with friends.  She showed us pictures and quizzed us.

3) Craft Time: Then we set to it and got to creating props: Cardboard Trees and curtain backdrop to paint!  It was a blast and impressive!  The kids also colored woodland animals and cut them out to go on our backdrop and trees.

finished product

4) Snack Time: We had apples, dip and nuts.  In honor of the theater, because peasants would bring this kind of food along for the plays and if they didn't like the show they would throw it at them!

Everyone painting trees

5) Play Acting:  By our favorite apple tree the kids stood in a circle and one by one took turns saying their names with an action.  Then everyone else had to copy them.  Kids loved this.  Afterwards they played a form of charades: acting out an emotion or animal that everyone had to guess. 

cutting out woodland animals

6) Rehearsing Shakespeare Lines

Everyday I provide 2 big jugs of lemonade and water, as well as cups and plates.


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