Shakespeare Camp Day 2

Elly making her fairy wings

For our second day of Shakespeare Camp we did the following:

These kiddos are ready for anything!

1) Review our Shakespeare lines in song form (Skip to My Lou), but also added these lines:

"Quite overcanopied,
 with luscious woodbine,

With Sweet Muskroses,
And with Eglantine"

2) Then we sat down on blankets by a nearby tree (me on a chair) and I read to them the kids version of "A Midsummer Nights Dream."  It was the Shakespeare Can be Fun version by Louis Burdett.  It is great!  I read in funny voices, act it out and ask questions every 2 pages.  They were all very engaged!  And I take a break half way through to play a game.

3) We played Shakespeare Jeporady: Combined the kids into 2 groups

Wing Making Table

4) Craft Time and Face Painting!  We made leaf crowns, paper plate wings and decorated water gun swords.  Did more face painting.

5) Break!  Let the kids play tag and run around for 15 minutes

6) Snack Time: Grapes, pretzels and bread: We finished up the book while everyone ate their snack.

7)  Review our lines once more!  Then play! The day was a success!  The really fun stuff comes the next day!

These are the books I have read to my girls or to myself for the prep work.  Very helpful as well as enjoyable!


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