How To Spark A Love for Books

leisure time of drawing, reading and climbing up tables to look out the window
Warning: This post is a brag session, which can be entirely annoying, but it is also a form of journaling all those warm fuzzy moments I want to remember.  And it is all true.  I can complain about the messes, whining and frustrations another day.
As you know we are BIG into reading aloud.  We read some picture books, but most of my time is spent reading them poetry and chapter books.  The girls are now 7, 4 and 1, which are perfect ages for picture books.  And they do plenty of thumbing through those on their own.  I read them many picture books, but I LOVE reading longer stories with them and for me .  I started when Elly, my oldest was 4.  At that time she did not have the attention span of lasting through a whole chapter.  Now she doesn't want me to stop, while the 4 year old begs to stop after a chapter.  It is definitely an age thing.  In the past 7 months we have read: Little House In the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, On the Banks of Plum Creek, By The Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, A Pilgrims Progress,  Thee Hannah, The Magic Tree House: Leprechaun In Late Winter, Charlottes' Web, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, Aesop Fables, The Snow Queen, The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Carol, 3 poetry books and countless picture books (covering Abraham Lincoln, to Martin Luther King, every holiday, to silly things such as dragons and made up lands)  there are too many to count.  And guess what my kids LOVE me reading to them. They ask me to read to them so frequently I often find myself turning them down.  But I see Elly reading to her sisters often.  She is not reading at a fluent level yet so she narrates what she remembers or creates a whole story on her own, and her sisters love it.

St. Patty's Day green pudding

Our book club held once a month is mainly picture books.  I tend to read the book right then and there and then we discuss things such a character, theme, etc.  We usually have snacks and craft and then the girls on their own decide to act out the book we just read and put on a play.  It is a good time, and they look forward to it every month.

Most recently the girls and I saw the newest Cinderella movie which was wonderful! The girls remind me now that courage and kindness are important...on a daily basis.  And the movie sparked an urge to write something as a family.  And so together we are writing a fairy tale.  Elly is eager to do the illustrations and write with mom.  Everyone gets a say in the story line and characters.  The girls are so excited that when Elly wakes in the morning she asks "When are we going to write the story mom!"  It has been so fun for all of us to use our imaginations and work together.  I advise any family to spark their families love of books by creating one together!! 

Soo I am completely illiterate in technology.  I am the opposite of savy.  I always admire those who make their blogs look professional.  Honestly have no idea how they do this and do not seem to have the time to figure it all out what with homeschooling and keeping house.  Anywho, sorry about my random pictures everywhere below. I do not know how to move them!  I've been trying but with no success.  No making fun!

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