Take A Trip To Italy

Sometimes it's fun to travel...even if it's in your backyard. We may not have oodles of money to fly to Italy, but we can read books, eat native food, color maps, stomp grapes...well okay water balloons and just enjoy life. That is precisely what we did the other day.

We learned about the life of Leonardo Davinci. He was an amazing man! Not just an painter but an inventor, scientist, musician, builder. Did you know he would dissect cadavers and all sorts of dead animals and draw pictures of the human anatomy? He tried to build a contraption that would make a man fly, but was unsuccessful. Oh there is so many interesting things to learn about Leonardo, and yes he was Italian.

We colored a map of Italy, and noticed its odd boot shape. We studied the stars and planets and glued on our own celestial skies. The study of astronomy as well as astrology was very popular in Italy during the 14 and 1500's. We colored the flag, did a fun maze and words search.

And we learned about the beautiful vineyards, and stomped our own grapes in water balloon form. Pictures are sparse because we are busy living in the moment, but it was fun.

We ended with an Italian feast, spaghetti, garlic bread and oranges. In hind sight a good salad would have been perfect. Especially since we shared those delicious chocolate chip cupcakes. Oh so good!


Susan Staus said…
You are so creative and awesome!!!!
Hey, I only know to contact you through your blog, I don't have your email anymore and you're not fb, or are you?
Anyhow, Rachel Griffin (Grey) will be in town this weekend for the 5K race for the Vassilaros. She will be attending Milford on Sunday and we are also coming to Milford if you'd like to come too! We were planning on having a picnic lunch after church in the grass or something if you'd like to join us.

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